Sunday , October 2 2022

Schick: I had to say, that's what the Words will be. I'm dwarf, I'm fucked with football chamois


praha For Martin Dravov's goal, as Lublice decided he was back. And David Paulka lil: He was lachdka! tonight, turned Patrik Schick into a boring performance, however.

Only one goal scored 1: 0 over Slovakia and udren in the League League division.

they peil vodn npor soupee, then saw Schick's big bang. After Jankt's sun he moved in the air, and the fake came through the explosive knit. Go out!

At first, I did not know if it was absent. I'll drive there for a while. Then, I'm in my minds: I will bury it and I will wash it, or I'll do it technically. He made first touch.

The pool was not easy, loving?
Not because the balloon is jumping. Yes, I've put it in a straight line, and I could get a second touch. I saw the goal kicking, so I cast it. It could have appeared simply on television, but that was not easy.

M was easy to lie, are you nervous?
I'm writing, it's a bit. I'll first miss if there is no answer or not behind the goal.

Have you thought that you could only decide on stimulus?
I use the club, it's just one or a maximum of two. And you need it right now – Mr. Tonka. When you can do it, it will surely take you to confidence and to the future.

After the fouls on our heads give the word to stop the clay cards. Bolel zpas hod?
I have to have a ct. I'm dirty. I'm in it with the chamois and I got into it, it hurts. But after a while I do not know much about the hunter.

Have you heard about Slovakia, have you heard anything?
It is always gonna blow, this time. So it's b. After a while, we all went to bed and put a lot of money on it, so it's OK.

Know how to glue you? Among other things, he beat the ace in the second horse for the qualifying round of EURO2020.
I'm happy. It's time we beat ourselves in the kind of group and we've won our fans – creating a quick atmosphere. Most importantly, our performance has a trend up, and it's not jerk. We will rise gradually, the future.

In the next round of the League, it is possible to have Germany or Croatia, which falls from the elite department. Is that a bit?
For fans, here is the game but there is a skeleton tc. Let's not be surprised what will happen.

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