Wednesday , April 14 2021

Salphic puts pressure on the adjudicator aware. Pardubice will pay 30,000 crowns for it

Dynamo Pardubice received a fine of 30,000 CZK for unauthorized access to the head of Dušan Salficky's club to criticize the cabin in a game of extralizing ice hockey with Pilsen.

The former 46-year-old goalkeeper was in the 19th round of Friday home against Škoda, where Škoda won 3-2 after separating raids.

The director of the club's directors and general manager Dynamo Salfický joined the cabin during the second break when the condition of the duel was equal to 2: 2. "Putting pressure on the referee is aware," he said. Hockey League in a press release.

In order to throw objects on the ice during the third phase of the same game, the homeless came to notice because this is the first offense of this season in the season. The same was resolved by the chairman of the Viktor Ujčík League discipline committee, as well as throwing a ice bean cup in the third third of the Pardubice-Mladá Boleslav game held on Sunday.

Ujčík dealt with broadcasting the situation of the complaint in advance before his evaluation by the video critics in the third of Friday's duel between Mladá Boleslav and Liberec, which prohibits the order of the game. Mladá Boleslav must pay 5000 crowns for this abuse.

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