Monday , July 4 2022

Publish a report on prosecution? I have no problem with it, I will discuss it with Benesova –


Babis said that he owned the document. "Of course I have. I had, it was a big subject," he told News, readers will be able to read it on Wednesday.

It is said that the prime minister himself does not publish the material because he was originally for the president. "I can do it with her (Benešová – ed.) to discuss, I have no problem with that. In my view, it could be published, there is no secret about it. The Minister has some opinion, ”said the First Minister.

He added that our comprehensive analysis can not prosecute, as is sometimes presented. "The document is on pages three and a half, and there are three sentences about it," said Babis.

Benesova said earlier. At the beginning of May, he spoke in the findings that he did not analyze, but opponent's view on trial, mediation, prison, and two cases – Beretta and Neograph.

Pirates asked the opposition about the publication of the document. Pirate chief Jetub Michalek said that the analysis was missing as well as a Peroutka article.

After the announcement also called Hamacek

Deputy First Minister, Interior Minister and CSSD, Jan Hamacek, said in mid-May the document should be published.

"I would like to get to know these arguments and that's why we need to publish the report," Hamáček said in Václav Questions Moravec. “The client should do it. Citizens should have the right to read the report, ”he added.

He admitted that he did not know the material itself. "I didn't see the news. I agree to make the report public when it appears in public places," he said.

The First Minister quoted Babis from the document when last year's Deputies Chamber voted to be disqualified for prosecution.

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