Wednesday , June 29 2022

Prototype Mercedes GLE will build a warning triangle –


Experimental safety cars (ESF) often carry technology that will become standard over the years. Think about adaptive cruise control systems, pre-safe systems, lane watchdogs and similar electronic technologies that have been pressed into one vehicle, trying to make them know what they can. Especially to be discussed to test and test. And then there was a turning point when we took some of them as standard today.

Mercedes does not suspect that the future belongs to independent driving. And so he adapted GLE into another experimental car and in it we see only an autonomous technique. And one could become the foundation for real serial production. The main word here is security. The car is a lot about self-driving, but maybe even more about improving the safety of the crew and the people around it.

Communicates and protects

For example, the car communicates with the environment. It can show on his digital mask that he knows of a cyclist or pedestrian in the transition, that he is moving on or at risk. At the same time, it can also inform drivers at the back. So, for example, in the column, the appropriate mark will illuminate in the back window.

In the event of an accident, the robotic triangle will leave behind

In the event of an accident, the robotic triangle will leave behind.

If there is an accident or technical problem, the car will stop and a triangle falls below the floor to stand in the way. Then another light triangle turns up on the roof.

Particularly safe

The interior is loaded with sensors that protect the crew. We have already mentioned the pre-secure system, which anticipates any collision that may prevent it, or at least mitigate the consequences. The next generation of this system combines a number of exciting features that can, for example, identify a bad driver reaction and to correct it in case of danger. The car may also recognize the bike itself in a blind spot and can warn the driver and the rider about dangerous yawing by means of blinkers.

Front air bag also for rear seats

Front air bag also for rear seats

New operational airbag protection systems are also interesting. For example, new airbags are removed from both sides of the collisions so that they are wrapped in the middle. Similarly, the new rear seat airbag or operational protection system is also tested for children in seats.

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