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Over two million specific children. Music helps


"We're a lot of friends that count around 90 people. The theme came back years when my fellow Member, founder of the festival, lived in a town where he had a friend with a disadvantaged son. we have been trying to choose the families we help. We fund compensation aids, "said project spokesman Karel Telecký.

This year to Davide

The organizers decided to support Davide Herman from Vysoké Mýto and this time. The heart ended for six weeks sleeping, and had pulmonary bleeding.

David Herman and Olivia Herman<! – –

Now she is suffering from a brain trigger, she has spots and hypotonic fuels. He does not sit alone, does not stand up and his muscles go shorter. Gains are paid this year for staying a spa in the spa, where Davidek and his mother will resettle.

Jaroslav Kulhavý, cyclist, athlete

The Pardubice Region awards are waiting for their new carriers. You can also contribute with a mini to the mill. At present, the regional office collects individual proposals and in the spring we will know the results.

In the first concert on November 17, Mydy Rabycad will perform at the M-Club in the High Voice. Boys will also be an adventure concert winner. Be in Morašice, Litomyšl, Vysoké Mýto and recently at Tyl's house in Polička. The Litomyšl Symphony Orchestra will be performing and the camel band will also be involved.

This year's year does not end on December 25th. Frontman Čechomor František Černý and Karel Holaš concert are held on January 7, 2019 at Theatr Šember in Vysoké Mýto.

Price from region

The authors of the idea of ​​the Music Festival have also won the Pardubice Region Merit Awards. "We were surprised that we deserved this value. We were at the next stage of war veterans, university leaders or people and save lives. At that moment I thought what we were doing there. Pleasure and reward are very huge, "admitted Karel Telecký.

Over this period, the festival has won more than two million crowns to help local children with different types of disability. There were 10,000 people attended the concerts and played by 62 music groups.

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