Sunday , January 23 2022

New uniform coach of Prague buses


From 2020, Prague suburban buses and Bohem Central will have one seat upholstery. The new design was introduced at the Czech Bus Fair by Ropid.

The seat cover will be a cloth on suburban buses, and china will stay in the city. Unfortunately, there was no seat at the fair that people in suburban buses would meet. Instead, Ropid introduced the cloth itself only.

The buses will be based on red seats, specific seats for the disabled or blind for modding in blue. For lease lines, leopard monocromatic red is chosen, respectively. green cover.

The city now orders buses that have a uniform upholstery style under the new standards. New seats will be operational in the spring of next year.

"Seats are an important element and we want the appearance of suburban transport to be uniform," said Filip Drápal, a Ropida spokesman at

Cover was created in collaboration with Maappi. The author is Matěj Hošek, 14-year-old. A new pattern of coverings will form part of the new quality standards for individual bus carriers within the integrated Prague and Central Bohemia transportation.

Ropid also announced imaging within the bus with a colorful seating arrangement.

Transport development has its "timetable"

Councilors Prague have recently approved a strategy for the development of Prague's Integrated Transport for the years 2019 to 2029.

In the meter, restrictions will be shortened in the future. On Line B, it should be from 140 to 120 seconds, it is considered that line C extends the maximum between two minutes of the afternoon arriving at the top to 18:00. Trains are often overcrowded as a result of the completion of working hours in office complexes in Pankrác and Budějovická. For route C, it is considered to reduce the break between 115 and 105 seconds.

Prague, along with the transport company, intends to build a new D tanker from Pankrác to Pisnice. Next year will start a geological survey. The landline is published, but two landlords have attacked the court. If the court was abolished, Prague and CPD would have to start preparing the installation of the start.

Within urban public transport buses, the periods should be shortened between 9:30 and 14:00 from 15 to 12 minutes. The reason is to make buses more attractive, as the number of cars is currently growing. The document also intends to simplify the timetables, divided into working days and weekends. Sunday orders would take place on that Saturday. This measure has planned to be considered as a perspective.

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