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Men's hospitals with schizophrenia, who are not dangerous, can not be against his will, Bašný claims psychiatrist – ČT24 – Czech TV


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UK: Bassy Psychiatrist for alleged schizophrenia Babis the Younger

On Thursday, according to the News List portal, the following text reached Andrey Babi's editorial post office, junior email:

"Now, I read in the newspaper that my dad said, I have to be under" constant supervision "because of my mock dementia, called schizophrenia. The red line crossed because it was a lie and it's & Get and touch my personal liberty. I'm not at all in Switzerland * supervision but free. I also read that the police have reopened my kidnapping case. is actually kidnapped or not, there is one thing, but my carer says, "I'll do what your father can do everything you can close (in a psychiatric hospital)". be in touch with the Czech Republic Police to investigate the case of Ukraine and Russia. You may be able to remember the trick with the hidden camera, "enter the News List of e- mail alleged.

I know that you can not do this in a distance diagnosis, and we will not even ask you for it,However, we have now seen the e-mail from Babis Jr. If you see the evidence in that report, can he tell if there are any signs of mental disorder or even stress on this behavior?

I do not think that any mental disorder here can be defined which could not be at any time or not. Of course, some stress can be expected from this statement as it calls for help. That means he wants to contact the police that he feels threatened by some sort of situation.

If he had a schizophrenia, as Andrej Babis said, what would be the symptoms?

These symptoms vary because we have many types of schizophrenia, different types of progressive forms, and this can not really be expressed in diagnosis. Someone probably said she had had this diagnosis.

They probably have them, but the question is whether the disease is currently being released which stage of the illness was when traveling to Russia, the Crimea when now in Switzerland because the disease is changing.

And is it possible for schizophrenia to begin later without previous symptoms?

Yes, yes.

If Mr. Babiš is a younger commercial pilot license, as it was in the media, he probably has to go through difficult psychological tests. She would have revealed she had schizophrenia if she had suffered at that time – that is, before 2015?

If she had been suffering from her and had symptoms of schizophrenia, they would definitely have been revealed. At that time, when he had been through these tests, when he was preparing for a pilot profession and was far away from her, he was not sure to suffer because he would be apparent in his behavior .

Again, theoretically only – I am not referring to Mr Babis the Young now; If a person suffers from schizophrenia or some other type of psychological disorder, can his or her evidence be recognized as unreliable?

In some circumstances, the diagnosis itself does not yet say if its evidence is unlikely or not. It sets the current condition of the disease, the treatment. This means that the diagnosis itself – whether schizophrenia or other mental disorder – is still justifying the person to be false or not to be responsible for his deeds.

So you would have to have some specialist examination of a forensic specialist.

It must be examined by a professional expert, where we take all the situations, contexts of situations in which the person behaves. Of course, medical documents are important and can be prevented from this.

But the diagnosis itself, as I said, does not speak if the person is credible, one who is responsible for the act that he or she did not commit.

Is this a source of concern to the police? And in the sense that someone who suffers from schizophrenia can tell the police that the police recognize their evidence? Is it also an ad hoc case?

This is also true. Of course, it was judged whether the police or court evidence was so severe that it could seriously exacerbate a health condition – this is another criterion for the # 39; w consider.

Can a person with schizophrenia be prosecuted?

In some circumstances, if there is a mental disorder to be lost, it may be. However, if the offense for which it is prosecuted does not arise from a mental disorder. That is, it did not act under the influence of some incredible, essential animations, and so on.

As long as a hospital with schizophrenia is concerned – because it is another aspect that is mentioned in this context – does a man only be hospitalized if it is not at risk one or its surroundings or if not asking for it?

Fail. It is no longer in the hands of psychiatrists. He's good he is already a court decision. Any non-voluntary and voluntary hospital, when a person expresses disagreement, must have a court exam.

Can I read something about the injection information and then just pills?

None of this can be learned.

We have been discussing the way to the Crimea in the future. If in general the person suffers from schizophrenia, as Andrej Babiš says older, does he make sense of travel to a country that is different from a culture? Where, on the other hand, are the conditions for psychiatric care – can we objectively say – badly compared to the Czech Republic?

That's how it might be important, it depends on how the person has the possibilities and conditions in which he or she travels and what conditions he has.

Can he help? Or is it more likely to hurt him?

Depending on the condition. Of course, all changes, some stress, travel, and various contacts can of course be a stress that can worsen the illness.

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