Thursday , June 30 2022

Lejla Abbas tells her partner to ruin her: He received a wonderful gift from it! –


"My partner always pays me. It's a big worry and knows that I'm not resting now, so he gave me a welfare note in my favorite hotel a year ago. I have not been able to choose the daleb so far, so I'll look forward to the procedures and especially when I'm sleeping very well, "praises her partner, the new mother, Lejla Abbas. She does not think she has time to take care of 4 children.

On the other hand, the active presenter, Eva Decastelo, will be happy with a girl to have a girly night with a full foam and a hand bath: "We will spoil ourselves with Zuzanka on a regular basis. We are testing new natural makeup, so there are many great nights waiting for us. "

Evin's husband, René, has not even forgotten to tell her after years: "The husband is quite extreme in this regard. The last time I can not choose a fragrance for Christmas, and ultimately Eight of them bought in the game, and even managed to get some Japanese that is not sold at all. On the other hand, he can not accept donations at all. Whenever I want it make it happier, I will be more exciting, "laugh Eva.

The problem is similar to the model Tereza Budková. With a beautiful woman, it's astonishing that she's not included in expensive gifts. "I believe that my girlfriend likes to spoil more, but I have a little problem with him. I am especially happy when I can look after it," said Tereza. The model is really hard on its own, she tells her she is relaxing in the gym rather than a face mask on her face.

Conversely, the model and worker Romana Pavelková can already appreciate her and her time. "My husband is a huge female, so I'll be married to him. But I'm very happy to take a son out on a trip and I can do it for myself," she admitted sexy redhead .

In the video, remember Lejla Abbas before being born twins! What was his impression?

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