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Landmaster gets four years in the crash of Vilemov bridge, the rest of the defendants were released –


Spoura workers have repeatedly stated that the mounting stalls are moving, and they do not respond to it, are still sent under the bridge and the result is that they are dead, according to the justification of the judge's decision Hana Doubková.

For the other defendants who have given the possibility of appeals, the judge has not proved guilty. But he emphasized that the construction had not been projected poorly. The projects were presented by HBH Project and Linkproject, designers are witnessed as witnesses. According to the judge, the designer's fault was to allow the earth to excavate and support the bridge.

In support of the defendants, they said they were following the project. According to the judge, it is clear that the ground could be raised at the foot of the bridge at the foot of the bridge. "The problem is that the project manager has been allowed," said Doubkova. Soil excavation has already identified a forensic expert as the reason for the fall.

Four dead

In a case involving a disaster on 4 September 2014, when four other workers and two were injured at the construction site in Vilémov, Zdenka Tomankova prosecuted ten people – construction managers, managers, officers, technical supervisors and security co-ordinators. They have all been guilty of general negligence.

"They were breaking important obligations arising from their employment. If they were performing their duties, the unfortunate thing would not have happened," said the applicant in June. According to her, the only accident was not the accident of the bridge, so the case can be considered as the deed of all the accused who did not take part in the entire tragedy.

Pont in Vilémov

Pont in Vilémov

PHOTO: Jana Pechová, Právo

"I'll stand about 10 meters from the bridge and wait for the truck to come. There was a crack in the middle of the bridge, and the bridge fell. One worker was lying under the bridge, who called one Another to call the rescue, "said Tomáš Nezvím, a small one with 23 years experience.

Bridge has tied in Vilémov. Talks from September 5, 2014. Source: News

When the bridge was falling or broken, the baggage was not able to describe. It just stated that the crack was across. "It was very fast, it was down there. There was no noise at all," he added.

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