Friday , September 30 2022

Lamborghini Huracán can be even harder, the STO version is circuit-inspired


The world of racing and regular car production is a long way off and the comparison of racing car on brands is often exaggerated. However, in the case of Lamborghini, Huracán STO does not seem to be that far from the truth.

To celebrate his triple victory at 24 Hours Daytona, the carmaker from Sant’Agata near Bologna has decided to derive a road version of the GT3 racing car.

It has the same five-liter, ten-cylinder, atmospheric charge of 470 kilowatts, 640 horsepower, as the smartest road version of the Performante to date, but still 43 kilograms lighter. The dry weight is only 1339 kilograms. So acceleration from zero to 100 km / hr takes 3 seconds, 200 km / hr the car drives in 9 seconds and the top speed is 310 km / h.

STOs have 75 percent carbon fiber body and the obsession with kilograms includes, for example, a windshield, which is 20 percent lighter. It was also salvaged inside, where there are new seats and a lot of carbon.

Lamborghini is also significantly inspired in the world of circuits in terms of aerodynamic settings. One element that speaks for itself is the “shark wings” that extend from the center of the car to the distinguished rear thrower. Italians report a 53 percent increase in the sub power. At a speed of 280 km / h, the car pushes 450 kg to the ground alone thanks to aerodynamics.

The more tightly fitted suspension settings, extended gauges and modified magnetorheological dampers also tested larger extremes. STO is also specific to steering, more powerful carbon-ceramic brakes and Bridgestone Potenza tires.

For the European market, the price is set at 249,412 euros, in terms of 6.5 million crowns.

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