Monday , September 26 2022

Krplek i sing judge of the year. But he did not reach the end of the other Sports extraliga


PRAGUE The one behind Luk Krplek was a Eskkm of Judge of the Year. This year's Olympic Games, in a category of more than one hundred kilograms, won the European Champion and phidal champion who gave those precious metals in big tournaments. David Klammert was the first place in the city, and Renata Zachov's 23-year-old vice president.

Judo judo's survey results were announced today in the extralic final of the Judo Show Cup, where Sokol Vrovice managed to reward after 3: 2 over USK Praha. Even winning Krplkov did not help Poraenm.

The twenty-eight Krplek is the most prominent judge of history. M for European Championship titles, the title of the world championship, and in 2016 won the Olympic Games. During this year, he confirmed he was among the elite in the top 100 of the 100 kilogram category, where he won in 2017.

In addition to the victory of the European Championship in Tel Aviv, he won the Grand Prix in Cancun, won the Grand Slam in Ab Zab and the bronze medal at the Grand Slam in Pai and the European Grand Prix in Pragg. The medal was blown to the World Championship in Baku, but in the end he came to an end. In total, he has earned 20 out of 25 money and city has its city in the world with a weight of over a hundred kograms.


Klammert, who won the center for the Grand Prix in Tunis and Cross Cross in Prague, won a good successive year. Here's the Grand Slama in Yekaterinburg and the Grand Prix in Budapest and Chancyn. He was only disappointed in the World Championship, where he fell in the first round.

Renata Zachov, eight years old, confirmed the eskho jan juda's progress. She was seven in the Junior World Championship, and she even won the 23th European Championship. Apart from this town in the main surveys, it was also raised by the junior year of the year and was removed to the ticket among the cadets. Martin Bezdk, who was the champion of the Olympiad Milde.

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