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Kellner sends billions to Smejc. Their Home Credit grows to the size of CEZ

This month, bills are subject to a millionaire, Jiří Šmejc, have grown well. The second part of the purchase price is for 2.5 percent of the Home Home, the Home Credit, which Smejc control with PPF Petr Kellner, arrives. In particular, the contracts are expected to reach € 130 million in May, as reported by the current PPF Annual Reports.

A total of 213 million euros are going to transfer the paper that happened on the last day of last year. According to the current exchange rate, 5.5 billion crowns. The entire repayment company, which has extensive activities in China or Russia, values ​​it for 220 billion crowns. For comparison, this is only a range of the large energy CEZ owned by the state, which has a market value of CZK 280 billion according to the current stock price.

"With this step, the Group has increased its Home Credit share from 88.62 percent to 91.12 per cent," the report said, among other things.

When a similar transaction occurred in 2015, then EMMA Capital Šmejc PPF sold two percent of the giant installments, praising Home Home for a 100 billion CZK. Only three years was enough to double the value of the company, often referred to as a PPF game.

Just to show. Home Credit has doubled its profits in the last year. Last year, the € 244 million rose to 422 million. Total assets rose from 21.5 billion euros to 23.6 billion, and can be seen from the current financial statements.

The entire PPF Group won € 865 million for the year 2018, ie over 22 billion crowns. A year earlier it was 690 million euros or less than 18 billion crowns.

The transaction fell. Head of Business Colors of Home Credit warned that PPF will not be forced to hide at a price. (Video: Adam Junek,

A share sale at Home Credit is the second huge transaction made by Jiří Šmejc and EMMA Capital. In March, KKCG billionaire Karel Komárek also sold his part in the Sazka Group lottery holding, including Greek OPAP Sazka and Casinos Austria. Thanks to the purchase of a 25% Smejc share for 630 million euros (ie around 16 billion crowns), KKCG has become a 100% owner of the group.

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