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Kate raised the children and ran away from William? It's boiling in Britain!


Is there a huge drama behind the walls of the Royal Palace? A few days ago, the world flew pictures of Kate (37), William (36) and their children as an ideal family. But, according to a well-known magazine, the truth is completely different!

Globe Magazine reported that the Duchess Kate had packed after William's scandal with her best friend Rose Hanbury and that she had moved with her children from Kensington Palace!

She said she had found refuge in her parents' house in London. William wasn't so upset that his wife had left, but she was upset that she and three children – Prince George and Louise and Princess Charlotte – had gone with her.

According to the Globe, William had responded to his family's departure the next day when he returned from his business trip. It is said that Kate Middleton has been so destroyed by the supposed "betrayal" of Prince William that the couple are now trialling a separate living, "but their lawyers say they even talk about divorce.

The passion was even more troubled by William's stepmother, Camilla, who said, according to the newspaper, that Kate was exaggerating. They say that it doesn't matter where little George grows up because he won't reach the throne anyway! After Elizabeth, her husband, Charles, and William followed him, remember that she would be king. "George won't live to the throne," says Camilla, according to the Globe.

It has one big hook. The Globe Magazine is famous for reporting false news regularly – especially when it comes to the royal family! For example, he recently wrote that Prince Harry had received DNA tests which showed that Archie was not his boy.

In 2012, she wrote Queen Elizabeth II's American Globe magazine. dying. According to the article, the 72-year-old head of the United Kingdom suffers from a serious illness and her health deteriorates rapidly.

To the contrary, Gossip Cop, a server that reimburses fake messages, says that the news that Kate and William live apart is not true. Information about the crisis between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared a few weeks ago, but soon afterwards the couple showed each other in the company and also visited Harry and Meghan together.

Royal family lawyers have already strongly rejected crises or divorces of such, and have described them as "false speculations." Moreover, according to Gossip Cop, the accusation itself is false. But even the notorious Globe has not discouraged other exciting and false reports of the royal family.

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