Thursday , January 27 2022

Judge StarDance Kuneš: Kloubková did not show a girl after two years


There's nothing amazing about that. StarDance's choreographer and jury lives with a mother, a Japanese (and Kuneš She had come close to her during her dance involvement in The Hague) in her Japanese. And that's just too far away.

Therefore, the "Sun" family-run Rising Sun is not the program of the day according to Kloubková. "Vasek will definitely go to a girl during Christmas, and we … sometimes. But that's very far away, perhaps in the holidays," Kloubková said.

At the same time, he added laughing that she had to add English in her own study. Otherwise, the blond beauty with daddy does not even speak! "Jasmina also learns English now, and she knows a vocabulary that I do not even know, so I'll learn with her too." Kloubková added, who, of course, like his daughter, Jasmine (7), would be the first to be in the future with Aine.

Moderator Novy Kristina Kloubková: The Second Child? We are already talking about it Markéta Reinischová, Aleš Brunclík

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