Saturday , January 22 2022

In the United States, the fun of the war was drunk Domc mazlci


WASHINGTON Rabbits are not fun. There is a war virus to attack the central nervous system, which will end death, after a series of persistent symptoms such as paralysis, hypothetics, hydrophobia. Not as soon as he died in Moroccan, Brit, and two children sweat what the bloody cucumber fits on. Not surprisingly, when the residents of the United States Milton city saw a strange farmer, they're a police force, wrote The Washington Post.

The police officer began to watch the area where he was hanging. When two of them were caught, they discovered that they had a problem with the other, not the rabbit. The man was not angry. They were drunk

According to the police, they probably have been eating apples that were about to be fermented, and then these mammals had passed around, confused and disorganized. The assholes had to keep their contact until they were distressed – and the sweat was released again.

Miltont the Mavalans has so far engaged in a long line of war, which has reached the headlines because of the public's mental. For example, in Gilbert, the United States of Minnesota, the police raised the birds that hit the windows and cars first and behave confusingly. There were also cuts about the injection, the berries exploded, but they could not fly to the south.

Not all drunk birds were the same – because in the case of young individuals they can not eliminate toxic toxicities just as in the case of a starch. In any case, this disgrace was enough to relieve the city's residents who felt they were in the new version of the famous horror of Alfred Hitchcock Ptci.

It explained to me, seven days, this week, seven police officers were taking part in the car, the police first said about one of the city's unusual breeding grounds.

Legalization of marijuana as a problem for the collar?

They can only get under the influence of alcohol. In Wayne County in India this year, in jae pibhla at the station disappeared, her husband as a housewife had a tough behavior – with the greatest chances of sweating reaching marijuana.

Marijuana legality is similar due to similar cases. People use bamboo and other snacks that are just as good for pets. The ones are endless, the souvenirs are tasted, and there is not enough left to get one.

Most of the cases reported by the veterans pressed the smuggled dogs on marijuana laskamines. But there have been cases of pskvavava, which have been drinking water from the water, the stones are exposed by its vapor, and even the blood disasters, the ferrets and bird houses randomly examined .

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