Sunday , April 18 2021

In January, Avia Motors will give the best to make trucks in Přelouč

He was supposed to come back, but he did not work. Avia in Přelouč will end with the production of trucks, only producing spare parts.

Avia Motors will be able to produce Avia trucks in Preluccio in January 2019, the interest in Avia Motors will not reach the expected level, and production will also be costly to reduce emissions requirements.

ČTK spokesman Andrej Čírtek, spokesman for the Caucaslovakia Group (CSG) holding. The Hospodářské noviny drew attention to the termination of the production of these trucks. Strand's company, according to the article on, will focus on electromobility. According to Čírtka, Avia will produce about 70 vehicles this year.

"Due to market situation development, the new emissions regulations and other requirements that increase the cost of producing commercial vehicles in the category that Avia produces, the company's strategy has been re-inspected, with the end of producing an AVIA diesel engine series, "said Čírtek. The company will continue to provide spare parts for Avia users and will also focus on electric cars.

According to Čírtka, Avia is a medium-sized utility vehicle that meets the current trend in electromobility for the short and medium range of goods. In addition, in the past, electric cars were produced and presented to the North American market. "We are dealing intensively with potential partners that have the necessary information and technologies in the field of electricity driving and that Avia would be a suitable partner for the production of a facility," said Čírtek.

Avia Motors has started producing Avia D 120 4 × 2 Euro 6 Initiative in February this year. Even in May, the company's intention to produce 150 cars. He was also preparing a 4×4 vehicle and by the end of the year a series of fire trucks should be launched.

Due to the end of the production, the number of jobs in Přelouč will be reduced from around 70 to about 20. The company wants to maintain a long-term after sales service for thousands of vehicles under its brand name, mainly on Czech roads to Slovakia.

The car in Přelouč has been located in the CSG site, where the production line of Prague Letňany was moved. Avia Motors acquired the CSG holding in 2016 by the Indian group Ashok Leyland Motors, who finished production in 2013 in the Czech Republic and transferred to India.

IHNed website did not even control another CSG truck maker, Tatra Trucks. Production is about 40 per cent falling this year, 1144 cars were driven out of the plant line in Kopřivnice last year, according to Hospodářské noviny.

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