Thursday , January 20 2022

He has not yet done, warns Palae Sunday. He was surprised by the talented Kenin


The Czech team of the Turkish food club, Petr Pála, may not even expect such a gentle course on Saturday evenings. After two games, his quartet leads the 2: 0 final in the American duel, and the only winner is missing for the sixth trophy. But Pala is still careful before the Sunday program.

"It's always a great day when you play 2: 0, but there's a long way to go. It's happened in the past that it was clear, but at the end something was tangling," he said. The Czech captain after Barbora Strycova and Kateřina Siniak organized the first two points.

Although Strýcová had to turn the game against Sofia Kenin, Siniak Alison Riske played quite smooth in two sets.

"It was a tough game for both girls for different reasons, because Barbora is the last of a Food Cup, and Katka has had a big priority in the home and the audience has Mastering & Weighting, "said Pala.

Most wrinkles gave him the first duel. Only the 19-year-old Kenin, in particular, Uncle, was in the first set.

"Sofia has shown how she can be a great player of the future, surprising me how she played, had a long run, I did not expect to play good at all times, and I thought we would receive a free badge, while in the second set,: 1, but this is tough because of the court events, "said the captain.

But the words of praise were also for 13-year-old Czech, who tears rushed just before the game after hearing his last anthem.

"But Bara did well at her head, and there were plenty of seconds when she could get worse, but she was still ready to play, the first set was long, she was & She often ran into it, she was dealing with complex situations, there was a break in her service, then one, "she said.

On Sunday, the court should appear as the first two, the Siniak against Kenin. The most valuable is the smooth win of the Czech players.

"Katka felt like number one, sometimes she was doing too much, and Alison was able to beat a bunch of great players in the past, more than Katka, but she showed that she & It's a great team player, "he said.

If he had made any changes before the program tomorrow, he did not want to guess. "We have to sit down and talk about lunch at dinner," he said, confirming that there was a theory opportunity to join Petra Kvitova, who was still living with illness after illness.

The Sunday program starts at 12 o'clock. You can watch the third point battle alive.

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