Friday , August 19 2022

He burned washing machine dozens of people on the street in Prague –


“On Jan Masaryk Street in Prague 2, several units of Prague firefighters interrupted Sunday at 6am. A washing machine was burning in the hotel basement, and the building was smoky, ”said Jackdaw.

He also noted that firefighters were moving 90 people from the upper floors in front of the hotel building. "Later, the guests moved to the hotel restaurant," said a firefighter spokesman.

Firefighters in front of a hotel in Prague.

Firefighters in front of a hotel in Prague.

PHOTO: Prague Fire Rescue Service

“The fire was turned off quickly. Afterwards, the firefighters smashed the basement and the guests gradually returned to their rooms, ”added Kavka.

According to him, the fire caused damage to 10 000 crowns, no one was injured in it.

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