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Hard stack of silver bitcoin


The digital bitcoin currency (BCH) update was held on November 15. However, among the competing parties, they were worried that BCH, which is now the fourth largest capitalist in terms of capitalization, can boil over two days. Sm BCH last year separated the bitcoin in the debate about the controversy over the clown.

Bitcoin Cash has to share in the hardfor every msc. There was no consensus for the forthcoming hardforward. There are two competitive tickets:

1 / Bitcoin ABC (its bidder in Roger Ver) is a coin that has shared the Bitcoin (BTC) block and its holders want to keep the size of the block at 32 MB.

2 / Bitcoin cash SV (Craig Wright, controversial chief scientist of the company), Bitcoin Cash ABC, and a bulldog is to load the block size to 128 MB.

Craig Wright smiled at the battle, the cryptto-mythological figure of Saturn Nakamoto. He had sent a message full of strong words to Roger Verde to his opponent, and fought an opponent.

The Dawn Coin data shows that the BCH SV has been raised before the police date. Dance Ball estimates that 63% of the BCH supports the SV version, compared to 18% of those who support the ABC version . They are just estimates, no more. According to the public pools CoinGeek, SVPool, BMG Pool, okminer and mempool, all of which have indicated their support for BCH SV, check a total of 73%.

As noted, Craig Wright, Nash, is supportive of the ABC BCH competition if it is not. Therefore, if TCH BCH SV accounts for more than 51 percent of st power output. The depreciation of the BCH ABC operation is to make the breaks in the coin of the money sharing share.

Peter Rizun, the top scientist at Bitcoin Unlimited, was full of the CoinDesk magazine on the 5th of November, not to mention this: I believe it's a bluff, I do not have the technical ability to do . If that happens, it could harm the BCH.

Although housing mon shows their support for the SV version, traders prefer to ABC's. According to the pre-fork stock exchange on Poloniex Policy, ABC BCH at prices around $ 415, which exceeds BCH SV prices, traded at $ 115 (prices are quoted in USDC fixed). We should note that the volumes of these two traditional Poloniex are relatively high. In comparison, BCH itself was trading at around $ 524 on Monday, November 12.

The crypt kad is just as strong as the strong principles that are created for it and how strong the cohesion of its community is. The aggressive and conflicting approach of both big figures, Roger Ver and Craig Wright, is much better for central headquarters than for a devolution problem.

Hash post war report: first bitcoin screw cash fork appeared.


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