Friday , September 30 2022

Gottov says: I’m at the bottom, but I didn’t give up. Timo saved me


Dominika Gottov was supposed to try suicide and now she’s in a hurry, she first flew around the Czech Republic today. First there was talk of trying to jump out the window, then again about suspicious people. Karel Gott’s eldest singing daughter was now talking and confessing: I’m at the bottom, but husband Timo saved me from suicide.

According to an Expres source, Dominika Gottová was found on the street, taken by ambulance to the hospital and consulted on the old esk. It wasn’t then, especially on the psychic side, and he himself at least admitted thoughts of suicide.

I went to the bottom of my mind and wanted to quit, that’s true. Thanks to Manim Tim’s help, this didn’t happen, Dominika, who eventually became the manel’s chief supporter, declined a year ago.

Vzpt picked up information on the suspects.

But it is not true that I suspect, I definitely exclude this information. I am in a very difficult life situation, I am finding myself again,Gottov hard.

Thank you for the assistance of the Czech consultant in Helsinki, with whom I am associated, and I thank my friend for alerting the embassy quickly and helping me a lot,She said she is an expert in pi.

Dominika apologized to the people who were first intimidated by her attempt to commit suicide. And she confirmed her return to Finnish musician Tim Tolkki.

After a year of living in Czech, I decided to turn to my husband. Where and how we will be, we are at the moment. He still lives and works in Prague, and as soon as he can, I wiggle and decide what to do, closed Gottov.

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