Wednesday , May 25 2022

Google Pay will change beyond recognition. Soon it will remind someone of a chat application –


The Google Pay mobile application, which handles non-contact payments on Android smartphones with NFC, is undergoing a major redesign. At first glance, the new version reminds us of a chat application, because this plan will now be used to budget for joint spending at a restaurant between you and your friends. Cash and spending transfers will now appear in text bubbles, which we see is Google’s commitment to making the program look much more user-friendly.

The new version of the application will be directly linked to your bank account, so you will instantly see what you are spending on your mobile phone, and detailed statistics and reports will also be considered. The application can retrieve receipts from photos or Gmail, thanks to the Google Maps connection, you’ll get a real-time overview of discount coupons for stores and restaurants near your current site. In addition, some discounts will be available only to users of the new version of Google Pay. And it’s also security, because Google is committed not to use or resell your personalized payment data in any way.

Check out the new version of Google Pay:

The redesigned payment application for Android will be the first to arrive in the USA, where it will be possible to connect it to the accounts of 11 local banks. In addition, Google adds that the current changes in Google Pay are just the tip of the iceberg, and that further adjustments will follow soon. However, we do not yet know of plans to extend the new version of the application to Europe.

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