Saturday , May 21 2022

Foreign police suspected of cruel flowing in Prague, may be armed and at risk | Home


Prague A police officer is searching for a 27-year-old foreigner suspected of being attacked by a two-year-old mue in central Prague. They cannot rule out that he is armed, I may be in danger. help and the public, but people should not try to capture it themselves.

The case happened in late June at Vladislavov Street in Prague 1. He attacked the victim in a very cruel manner from an hitherto unknown pin after a previous verbal discussion. He finished off the stream with a notorious injury directly warming up his life in hospital, police reported on the website Saturday night.


Forensic scientists discovered that Monm Tonek was looking for a revolver convicted of similar violent crimes in the past. The policeman started a criminal woman’s horses on suspicion of tissue damage to health, which she had threatened and married for 12 years. Because of ptrn, they also carried out measures on the borders of the Czech Republic and the Schengen area.

However, the information about the man he wants can be reported to the people on line 158. At this stage, we cannot rule out that he will be armed with him. You can’t get caught in the bottom case! We are warning that I am in danger, said police spokeswoman Eva Kropov.

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