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et fotbalist from first place in the League of Nations, against Souek and Ondrek against Slovakia | Football


Plze and the footballers defeated the League of Nations in a whirlwind sixth position and in the last year will be beating Slovakia 2: 0. In the second round of the competition, the B2 group representatives won two points ahead of Scotland and secured promotion to elite League A. Tom Souek opened the score at Pilsen today on the 17th minute and Zdenk Ondrek added the insurance on the 55th minute. Due to coronavirus measures in the country, women were not allowed to look.

Israel’s darkness was helped to move to first place by defeating Israel over Scotland, which was a one-point jump before the last round. Leading in groups means for coach Jaroslav Ilhav’s sons not only to advance to elite League A, but thus a potential part in the obstacle of a world championship in 2022. don’t play away safely from the classic qualification.

We followed Utkn esko – slovakia in an online report

The esk team defeated its former Slovak federal partner to ratify in succession. He gave events to the national team and usually when the world qualifies. Soupee’s note to the lot on Dec. 7.


Czech coach Ilhav used the same line-up as during last week’s match with Israel (1: 0). His saints became very active again and reached from the water to the ank.

We are very happy to have won a group of sweat that happened around the pandemic and our meeting and return. The boys will send a big thank you, they were not standard conditions. We didn’t always surrender and we controlled it, said Jaroslav ilhav on esk TV esk trenr.

In three minutes at the back three miles outside Matj, in three minutes Ondrek came into the middle and with a light glimanious team the goalkeeper struck.

Tonk, who played at the stadium house in Pilsen, failed even in the 17th minute, when Rodk tilted his head at the corner. Z nj u domc udeili. Souek jumped on Janktv’s center and opened his head. On the 30th commencement rep, the quarter wrote gl.

The guest, who lost a week thanks to 2: 1 after extra time in Northern Ireland, from the last playoff to the European championship, added just after the goal was collected, but did not jeopardize Vaclka in the half first. The agile Coufal drove the corner in front of Kucka as much as possible.

Vaclka’s injured goal, which did not get into the skin and replaced Koubek among them, complicated the situation for the whole team. Twenty-eight-year-old Glman fished for the first time since the opening game in Cyprus on June 7, and is now in place in Augsburg, Germany. A few minutes after the break, Koubek unleashed Pekarka’s great anci.

In the 55th minute the house was built. Stdajc caught up with Ondrka and he, with the help of the Cymbr team, caught up with Rodka. Plzesk tonk recorded a species represented by gl. After hours of playing, Mak could dream, but he only spit until bon st. The rest of the fight in the house with a clear view of the situation.

National Pool Team B2 football match at Pilsen:

R – Slovakia 2: 0 (1: 0)

Goals: 17. Souek, 55. Ondrek. Judgment: Cakir – Duran, Ongun (vichni Tur.). K: Hroovsk (SR). No divk.


R.: Vaclk (46. Koubek) – Coufal, Kalas, Brabec, Matj – Souek, Krl – Masopust (46. ern), Darida (88. Bark), Jankto (74. Kopic) – Ondrek (66. Vydra). Instructor: ilhav.

Slovakia: Rodk – Pekark, Gymbr, kriniar, Huboan – Lobotka (62. Hroovsk) – Rusnk (62. Suslov), Kucka (67. Gregu), Hamk, Mak (62. afranko) – uri (81. Schranz). Trenr: Tark.

1. R. 6 4 0 2 9: 5 12
2. Scotland 6 3 1 2 5: 4 10
3. Israel 6 2 2 2 7: 7 8
4. Slovakia 6 1 1 4 5:10 4

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