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Each patient will have cancer complex Health centers


PRAGUE All patients with cancer will be new centers of complex centers. Set thoroughly and thoroughly, then the patient arrives at the hospital's men. It can host the General Health Insurance Company (VZP) pilot project for Prague with the Echo and Brno and Moravia Center. It promises to be more efficient and fit for you. Ron pibv v esku pes 87 tisc patient with a hint, canser experience mich dog 560 tisc.

The number of outpatient patients increases by 3.8 per cent. They need to be cared for, explains Ladislav Duek, Information Manager and Health Statistics (ZIS). In the pilot regions, there are around a million people living and they have 250 patients with a tissue. According to Dug, the pilot project is whether the system has to set up correctly and create a methodology. If successful, the alien will be presented to the new system.

In order to co-ordinate a regional oncology group, what will be anchored by the intense form of co-operation of the smaller hospitals led by complex oncology centers. The first contracts, according to the editor of VZP Zdenka Kabtek, will be signed over the next few days.

According to the editor of the VZP David David, the current system is fragmented and has not been organized for a long time. The patient is in the first couple, and his practitioner or ambulance specialist. It's good when it's going very fast to a complex oncology center, he explained. Apart from Karlovy Vary, he was in the county.

The aim is to get the patient diagnosed quickly, not repeat the same procedure, and get in hospital as soon as possible, and where he is better for him he or she, according to the diagnosis. The most complex cases would leave the center at the top, and now they would be able to locate the hospitals altogether.

We have been keeping this idea in our heads for some time, Czech paratiatrist Jan Prausov. Similarly, the system also works abroad. Accordingly patients will be under the control of the patient and data will be available.

The Ministry of Health gave speeches about cancer patients rushed by cancer and without symptoms. If the patient agrees, he will be able to carry out his regular practice according to the non-archaeologist.

From January onwards, patients such as malignant melanoma, prostate, lungs, the breast, lungs, the throat, the stomach, the gastrointestinal stomach tumor, the brain, the throat and the head, or the complete misuse will be able walking on.

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