Sunday , July 3 2022

Duchess Meghan CHANGE OF BRITAIN! Why really …?


It is no secret that the Duchess of Britain Meghan is in America. But the last few days have revealed not only why Britain arrived, but also the direction its next steps can take. However, it will probably stay in Britain.

Meghan had a good career in America. He became a popular actress, married, and there was no sign that he should be one of Britain's most important people in a few years. So what happened?

Perhaps the journalist Katie Hind has found the answer. She and Meghan spent some time after divorcing her first husband. And he says, after this experience, Meghan said she didn't want the American anymore.

"He asked me about British men and admitted that she had recently divorced her husband, and now she was free and ready to rejoin. According to The Sun Journalist.

She had no shortage of suitors in Britain, but no relationship came out. But then he met Prince Harry, and they came together, and led everything to marriage and child.

Meghan is said to have settled happily. But the reverse is true, as it speculates about two possibilities of where her life will go. And neither is the other one of Britain!

According to the day, the next steps of the Duchess may go to California. This is where they want to buy a house with Prince Harry. And it's not a coincidence that it is in Los Angeles.

The couple, especially Meghan, want to live near her mother. The Duchess was placed on her, and furthermore, she assisted her with Prince Harry at the time of her birth.

"Meghan really wants to live in Los Angeles. We love the city, its lifestyle and its atmosphere. Anyway, our California girl can breathe & # 39 Hollywood has been rooted in its DNA and I believe it wants to leave a mark on it, "he said. source close to the royal couple.

But the rest of the royal family have other plans. Meghan and Harry wanted to send to Africa for some years to take part in charity trips. At least officially. According to the media, there is something completely different behind it.

Prince William and Duchess are thought to be worried about the great popularity of Dukes of Sussex. Furthermore, there is a rumor that William wants to prepare for the royal coronation, and would like to return to the press front pages. But that's what Meghan and Harry have been preparing for.

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