Sunday , October 2 2022

Drama in the Senedd. The senator expires, the legislature is waiting for a war vote on the president


On Wednesday, ODS, STAN and KDU-CSL clubs will compete, no-one has a majority.

Milan Štěch, the Senate of the Democratic President of Parliament, is coming to an end. His party failed in the October election, and only 13 were defending the order. The door opened to the highest post, in the constitutional order of the Czech Republic, the second highest, to the clubs with most members, ODS and STAN (after eighteen) and KDU-ČSL (fifteen).

There are three names in the game, deputy chairman Jaroslav Kuber (ODS), chairman of STAN Jan Horník and head of European Affairs Committee, Václav Hampel. The first was Mayor of Teplice for 24 years, the other was the mayor of Boží Dar for four years longer, and the third for eight years at the top of the University of Charles. Senate did not experience a similar situation. Clubs mainly honor the most numerous club nomination. Only two senators elected by two candidates, in 1998, were elected between Libuš Beneš (ODS) and Petr Pithart (KDU-ČSL), in 2004 between Přemysl Sobotka (ODS) and Josef Jařab who were not a party. In both cases, ODS representatives were more successful.

Independent voices

This is a more dramatic situation this year, which is more independent in Parliament. For example, Pavel Fischer is not yet determined to give his voice. "I am committed to working with three political people, STAN, ODS and KDU-ČSL, with their chairs in a strong connection. And because everyone nominates another candidate, I want to hear speeches and the first three and then I decided, and what I know, I believe that the President of Parliament could be elected on Wednesday, "said Fischer with the Daily Mail.

The backup is split that no-one will win the majority in the first round, and Jaroslav Kuber and Václav Hampl will go to the other. In that case, there will be a choice between the Euroscrapic and Prounion candidate, who can play an important role. For example, the People's Club chairman Petr Šilar drew attention to the fact that Parliament plays an important part in parliamentary diplomacy and that Kuber is known as the EU judge who is delighted to reject the Treaty of Lisbon.

Following the announcement of the official nomination of Lidovecké, Václav Hampl said Parliament had a totally unpleasant role as a protective body of the democratic system, which could be a specific objection to the unchanged action of the government or the president. "Of course, there is room to improve in Parliament, in the future it should place more emphasis on science, education, innovation or culture," said Hampl.

Kuber stern

Jan Horník is an icon of the STAN movement, but is not so well known at a national level. In this respect, Jaroslav Kuber, a passionate smoker, the constraints of the state, antifinist and traditional family supporter are the best. Last year, for example, the diary said that the state is trying to regulate more and more things. "After the EET comes with the electronic shopping list and the state begins to check shopping bags and the citizens. When it evaluates that you are buying differently It will not intervene. I have decided not to vote for any law that restricts freedom, even if it is justified by stopping terrorism or more security. "

Although the seven senators ANO have decided to support Kuber, members of the 21 Hampl Senator Club. It will be important to whom the MPs and the Independent and Social Democrats will join in the second round. They are confident that Milan Stech will be elected as one of the chairs of the upper chamber.

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