Tuesday , May 24 2022

Dnsko as an attractive investment to Google


Author: Radek ha

Google is about to invest in $ 690 million pepper to build a new data center in Frederic, Dnsk, first in a third party business.

So the American corporation in Silicon Valley has decided to promote the new eco-friendly investment in Dnsk. It assesses the project in the area of ​​solar energy and generates power onshore and offshore, although there are no specific business partners.

Dnsko is home to the power plants, including Vestas Wind Systems, and the powerful Orsted mosque. Google said he had signed a ten year contract to buy renewable energy from the new wind turbine in Finland, which will drive one of its data centers. If it's going well, the new data center should be completed in Fredericka in 2021 and create jobs for 150 and 200 employees.

As well as Frederick's changes, Google bought a land plot at Dnsk in Aabenraa, next to the Apple Inc release. So Facebook is looking for a nursery and data center in Dnsk.

Google Datacenter


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