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Corriere della Sera: Your diet will improve your mood


Update: 21.11.2018 09:28

Rome – If we break down the principles of reducing diet, we do not have a disaster, but we have to keep it under control. When we want to achieve a long-term goal, such as reducing weight, an exceptional dietary disorder improves our mood and strengthens our ability to withstand other temptations. Referring to the results of one study, Corriere della Sera's daily daily writing.

Do you try to lose extra pounds and think you have to leave all your favorite meals, even holidays? This is not the best idea, as a specific exception to the diet not only breaks the result but it can even be useful. This is stated in a study by a team of Dutch scientists published on the Personality Bulletin and Social Psychology website.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that, if we fall into temptation, if we have a good reason, it helps us to interpret this behavior, not as a failure that has destroyed our efforts to achieve our goal but as proof of our own self-control.

And the idea is totally unfounded that we must always avoid any accident if we are to achieve a long-term goal, such as reducing weight, as well as research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. In this study, Portuguese and Dutch scientists, using three experiments related to diet people, have shown that, if serious behavior is planned in advance, it can help maintain self-control and continue with the program. In other words, these "controlled offenses" improve the mood and strengthen the ability to resist other temptations.

What practical lessons can we learn from these studies? "Of course the first temptation we have is not possible, there's a way of losing control over us, let's go on for good reasons, and these good reasons Always have to be involved in being in the society, not for reward or comfort, "said Associate Professor Nicoletta Cavazza of the University of Modena.

"It is not practical to start a diet with the idea that we will always keep it for a long time. It's better to start by considering under what conditions and what reasons we are ready to break & # 39; r limit: a dinner where we taste cookery specialty where we are holiday, holidays, special lunch or family, when we do not want to offend who is cooked and who is our Invite, then return to the diet with a new decision, "said Cavazza.

After this offense has been programmed, we can plan a light day to make us confident that we have been psychologically encouraged and we will not be hurt physical.





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