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Christmas day and Christmas holidays


Czech Television has traditionally been preparing a generous gift, especially for lovers of Czech fairy tales. Prepare for a few fairy tale premieres. However, the program at Nova and Prime will also be generous. The largest commercial television stations will bring viewers the most popular Christmas classics. Well, we’ll see it day after day!

December 24 – Christmas Eve on TV

Every year on Christmas Eve it comes Czech TV a new fairy tale of his own work. This year’s one is called O vánoční hvězdě (2020) and was shot, like last year’s Princess and Half Kingdom, by director Karel Janák (50). By his own words, the one this year where you will see Vojtěch Kotek (32), Tereza Ramba (31) and Ana Geisler (44), much more magic and love, and instead of hell, the world of stars is used here. We’ll see if it breaks the record for viewers. The one from 2006 is still Angel of the Lord, viewed by 2.7 million viewers.

Nova TV presents the Three Brothers (2014) fairy tale in peak time, where Tomas Klus (34), Vojtěch Dyk (35) and Zdeněk Piškula (22) go out into the world looking for brides. The fairy tale is followed by a program for mums and dads – the beloved romantic classic Pretty Woman (1990).

Five years ago, director Alice Nellis (49) shot the non-traditional fantasy fairy tale Seven Ravens with Martha Issová (39) in the lead role based on a classic story by Božena Němcová. Just like last year Prima TV broadcasts on Christmas Eve in the afternoon. It will follow The legendary Macaulay Culkin (40) in the comedy Alone at Home (1990). Later in the evening, a crazy American comedy about three rebellious mothers – Mothers on the Move at Christmas (2017) is presented.

Photo: Dan Materna / MAFRA / Profimedia

Matěj Hádek and Aňa Geislerová in the fairy tale About a Christmas Star, which Czech TV will present on Christmas Eve

December 25 – God share fun now

He will present Christmas on the 1st holiday Czech TV another Czech fairy tale at its premiere, specifically The Watchmaker’s Apprentice (2019) by director and screenwriter Jitka Rudolfová (41). Viktor Preiss (73) plays a greedy watchmaker here, who sends his apprentice in search of a legendary watch. He wants to stop the marriage of the apprentice and the watchmaker’s daughter. The film even won the Czech Lion for the best music this year.

If you watch every Friday onwards Nova TV Individual parts Harry Potter movie series, you don’t have to worry. You won’t miss another episode in God’s Hour. Nova will present the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 (2010) at prime time.

It also depends on its traditional Friday program TV List. It broadcasts an animated film every Friday, this time it will Elliot (2018), which involves a little pony trying to fulfill his dream and become one of Santa’s reindeer. A family movie is right for Christmas.

Kevin will be blond for Prima viewers The company broadcasts a sequel to the acclaimed comedy – Alone at Home 2: Lost in New York (1992). Quite boldly, Prima will present the romantic comedy Perfect Kiss (2018) right after Kevin, starring Lucie Vondráčková (40). We write boldly because the film is described as the biggest loser of a recent audience. But what else, the audience might give it a second chance.

Photo: Profimedia.cz

TV Nova’s The Holy Feast will celebrate another part of the magic series about Harry Potter

December 26 – Other Fairy Tales about Štěpán

And no new fairy tale will be missing on Štěpán either! The second Christmas holiday at Czech TV is marked by the fairy tale of Czech-Slovak co-production by Ján Sebechlebský (54) On Healing Water (2020). She will present herself in the role of Lady of Waters and Springs Linda Rybová (45). The main motif of the story set at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries is to point out that miracles happen where there are good reigns.

Nova he will present Zdeněk Troška’s fairy tale (67) The Devil’s Bride (2011) on Štěpán. Václav Šanda (31) will have to complete three demonic tasks and reach Lucifer himself in order to get Eva Josefíková (30) to play his beloved princess.

The fairy tale night will come on the 2nd Christmas holidays i Beforethat’ll bet on the classics. Admit to yourself what Christmas would be like without a fairy tale There are no jokes with demons (1984)!

But if you’re already “shivering”, switch to TV List, where the classic Bony and klid (1987) will run.

Photo: Profimedia.cz

Sabina Laurinová and David Suchařípa in the roles of king and queen in the fairy tale The Devil’s Bride

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