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Caravans including luxurious caravans and new technologies


Update: 10.11.2018 17:02

Brno – All possible mobile bicycles are represented until Sunday afternoons by Brno Caravans, who had two pavilions at this year's Brno Exhibition Center.

At Hall F there are premium brands, in P pavilion there are brands and other accessories, camping equipment and caravan consultant. The cars shown in Pavilion F show that wheeled travel does not necessarily mean a moderate nomination.

Inside one of the expensive caravans for 500,000 euros (photo on November 10, 2018), which can be seen in Brno Caravan Caravan and Caravan Caravan. False ends on November 11th. "The Green Rent booth has one of the most expensive motorhouses on the market, which comes to almost one million euros (almost 13 million crowns) and it also includes a car garage small, "said Michal Svoboda, manager of the trade fair. Visitors can also look inside this 12-meter long road that provides comfortable accommodation for up to six people.

Then the newcomer of the global market in the same Le Voyageur Signature pavilion is on J. M. Trade's stand. Here's the only car without external mirrors. "On the body, you can see the projections the cameras have located, it has the double effect – you can not offend them as the big external mirrors, and their move also reduces & # 39; the use and especially the noise, "said Jan Myslil.

Visitors to Brno Caravan Caravan and Caravan Caravan Brno looks at one of the most luxurious caravans for 500,000 euros, which includes a garage for a small car, on the 10th of November, 2018. The end ends on November 11. The main advantage, however, is more safety in driving and parking. "The cameras work no matter the rain or the darkness, while the mistakes make the car easy to break down the car behind you, & # 39 ; The cameras make the picture better for your computer, so not only does the light fail you, but you'll also see the outline of the car that runs behind you, " says Myslil.

On both sides there are two cameras that can erase the deadline called here, another camera shows the events behind the car. This can also be used when parking and staying in a car. "If you feel that someone is walking around your car, you can check it by the cameras because you can see the whole area of ​​the car," says Myslil.

As well as luxury caravans and caravans, people on the open ground can also experience the features of driving some models or look at the caravan bazaar.



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