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BYW: Nightwish Prague enjoyed, but they were not surprised


19. 11. 2018

The main and, in fact, the only added value of the new selection is to restate sound quality, which is especially appreciated by audio audio, which is a notable part of metal music listeners.

And for the purity it was for the Beast In Black, where the front looked after pure, pure singing, as well as a good human race. Friends of eighty metal metal came to their own and were not enough, they will be introduced in January, when their second record comes out, and then in the summer, when the group looks at Metalfest Pillow .

PHOTORFORIO: Nightwish filled the O2 arena, the lovely show that was dominated by Princess Fighter Floor Jansen

Main stars went their two hour performance exactly according to the scenario that was working on previous European boxes. They were known to be in a state where there is no place for improvisation. After all, in each screen shot, pyrotechnology and pre-strands of other strands and instruments that Nightwish must have in synchronous symbiosis, or otherwise. And what we are talking about is ashamed, because nature, human mistakes and unexpected situations are often a more powerful experience than a ten shot rachella within half an hour.

But in any case, iron fans themselves barely want not to get what they came to. So a large set of classic visits of symphonic metal, which could not lose Nobody, I Want Angel Had, I Am Back To The Tears or a new song today, one single fully set up Elan. Jansen Floor singing skills also excel in a vocal show Poem and Dead Boy and the collection Bring a Cover, of course, the rest of the band was able to perform well, with a special praise for the tireless drummer Jukka Nevalainen.

The supporters' reaction to this was a huge threat and endless heads. Unfortunately, this only applies to the first row in the fixed area. There was a beautiful view of the hall sold at the back and on both floors, the atmosphere in the audience but unfortunately the boiler was behind the expectations. Unfortunately, there were not even individuals who made the song on a tablet. And while the presenter's voice is called in the presentation, "to give at least two hours of peace of this digital addiction".

And while Nightwish did not really do anything new, what would make the shoot justify. However, it is logical, given the opportunities this journey has created. He's probably excited by his show, because it's definitely great, but unfortunately, the writer failed to do so, given the very similar concert we could see from & # 39; the sixth sixth in the Tipsport Arena. Given this time-time program this time, we are evaluating just above average, and we are looking for the next Czech check. Maybe even with the new album.

Set List: Dark Chest Of The Wonders, We Want Angel, 10th Down Man, Come Burial, Gethsemane, Elan, Sacrament Of Wilderness, Elvenjig (Traditional), Elvenpath, I Love My Tears Back , The Carpenter, The Kinslayer, Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean, Nemo, Slaying The Dreamer, The Big Bang On Earth, Ghost Love Score

text: Jan Trávníček, picture: Marek Holoubek

Topics: Nightwish, Jansen Floor, O2 Sand

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