Tuesday , October 4 2022

Brno will give 167 million schools. It will also contribute to reducing pipes and falling tiles


Cracking water during physics lessons, drop-down luggage, or back-up columns in the pool. Dinas Brno will contribute 167 million crowns to repair school buildings in an emergency this year. He made 50 rebuilding applications.

Every year money for repairs is a primary school in the Pavlovská street in Kohoutovice, Brno. This year the city will send it less than five million for classroom equipment or repair water pipes. "Tubes have a clogged and the flow of water in classes is smaller and smaller. In the last summer, the water broke in physics, and because of the old waterworks, we had to break two floors in instead of repairing smaller parts, "says director Lumír Sedláček. With the rebuild they would like to start holidays next summer.

However, not only does the director have trouble with old water pipes. "We have many other things that need to be repaired, such as a boring floor. The outside building looks good, but it has found the inside. We can save money from the city's budget on for minor repairs, but most of the money has not included, "said Sedláček.

In the elementary school at Jana Babak Street in Žabovřesky, Brno, he will make fifteen million. A few weeks ago, when the wind came, the wind moved dangerously with the roof tiles. "We will not change the whole roof. The wings are poor and the screens do not hold. There are always problems that they blow," said & Director, Ivo Pokorny.

Schools will share 167 million
– The city will contribute 10 million to the Kamechy MŠ multifunctional playground, for 48.5 million.
– The same amount will contribute to the new ventilation at Svážná primary school.
– The rebuilding of Jan Babák's primary school will contribute 15 million.
– The reconstruction of the pool at Elementary Armenia School will cost 10 million out of a total of 20 million.
– To repair the swimming pool, tiles and tiles at Labská Primary School, it has 12 million total 14.

The new roof may be in the spring, officers are now preparing a tender to the contractor. "If everything goes smoothly, the roof will be in April," said Pokorny.

Safer swimming is to provide a contribution of less than six million primary schools at Upper Street in Brno-střed. There were four years of rebuilding the school pool there. Thanks to the subsidy, it will repair the iron carriers. "The structure has been rusted and tiles are missing. We've always been repaired so that the children can bathe. But the situation has now got worse," he said. local janitor Vladimír Kubin.

Ten million crowns are to help children from elementary school in Novyy Szkowa. There are subsidies for paying the recovery system. "The fresh air is pulled into the classroom, and the exciting one goes out. We also want to introduce it to school kitchens and school cinemas," he said. ; the school director, Petr Punčochář.

They wanted to start installing the system in July, but no company has gone to the tender. "Now the new will be announced by the end of the year. We hope the work will start in January," said Punchman.

Problems when choosing a contractor have caused the borough to allocate funds to schools for next year. "In recent years, city councils have had problems resolving the competitions in time, so we're dealing with the department this year," said Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík.

Overall, 167 million jobs will be earmarked for school repairs next year. "We received 124 applications, we chose fifty-five, for example, depending on the state of crisis or the size of the school," said the municipal spokesman, Filip Poňuchálek.

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