Saturday , July 2 2022

Biathlon changes! During the winter we were not satisfied, explain the head of society


After the published consideration, they made changes. After a worse winter than expected, prejudice is prepared with an action team that has been partially changed. Norwegian men's assistant, Anders Magnus Bratli, and after three years also became head of service, Tomáš Žídek, ended in the national team after just one year. Vojtěch Prášil will be responsible for preparing the skis again. The main coaches Na Egil Gjelland stayed in women, Zdeněk Vítek respectively, with the men.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

We inform about changes in the implementation team. Brati was responsible for running. Ales Ligaun will be a new assistant to Vítek, who worked mainly with team B last season. Prasil will also return to the "Ack".

"Tom Žídek did a lot of work with the team, we were quietly cut. During this winter, however, we were not satisfied with the service as of the t front, ”said Jiří Hamza, chairman of the association. "That doesn't mean we got bad for a service. But before we had average or excellent ski races, they were a bit fair or worse compared to others.

Biologists have not experienced such a successful season as in previous years, particularly behind the cross country side. Only David Davidova succeeded in the result. "Other women except Margaret went down. It was something different to Veronika Vitkova, aged 30, and her body was used to something else for years, to go to another training in Margaret. . "

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