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Baťovský Zlín House opens again on 9th November at 9am.m.


The reconstruction of the Baťa department store in the square at the Zlín work center ends after a year and four months. The repairing property is open to the public on Friday November 9. On this day, most shops will begin to operate in the shopping arcade on the lower two floors. The rest of the organizations, catering businesses and higher floors will come live in the coming weeks and months. The building will continue to be the original, traditional name – Zlín Department Store.

It was the most well-known town, built by Bata in 1931, designed by the architect František Lydia Gahura, a modern, modern face during the reconstruction. The aim was to do everything in Stick architecture, which is an important element in this part of the town. The owner and the investor, in agreement with the guards, returned to the original appearance, which was particularly unusual for windows. Those on the lower two floors stretch from the floor to the ceiling and gradually narrow down.

There was also a complete rebuild of the inside and, compared to the original expectations, also the additional work associated with the building's static. Up to the rebuilding, it was shown that the ceilings had not been completely built back by historical documents. "Investing in static strengthening is the reason why the originally planned opening date has moved about two months. But security was most important to us," said the company's PRIOR Zlín Radovan Pilich.

Previously, he owned the department store around six storey sales, but this range has now lost its desires. The Store has a "New" Department in Zlín so a two storey shopping piece, which will be filled with business and gastronomic stores. "Our goal is to create a place to meet in the heart of Zlín for good food and drink as well as modern shopping," added Radovan Pilich.

And what will each visitor see in the shopping arcade from November 9th? Supermarket Billa will return here, which will be larger and with a wider range of goods. Visitors will also receive DM drugs, Gran Moravia La Formaggeria cheeses, Dobrovský bookshop, Graphit stationery, Barber Na Fešák, House Deco & Flowers, Cross Border, Goldsmithing, Exchange and other complementary products, Eiscafe Delikana sweets.

In the next few weeks, the first of the type of Moravian Budvarka will open the expected Valachy Bistrotea – a concept that offers bistro with a bakery and a shop with its own products, Café with sweets, cornettery, Lounge Barem 1931 and cooking courses. This initiative is established by the Valachy resort, which wants to make use of a gastronomic experience of a hotels operating at Velké Karlovice.

In the next few months there will be a masonry and resettlement center, and the second JogURTOVNA Careers, Cafe and Fresh Bar, will be a popular destination for families with children, opened by its second Zlin establishment with a children's corner.

HP TRONIC was the third to the sixth floor of Business Zone Zlín, the Zlin company, running the Datart, Euronics and stores, its own brand ETA and operating the Valachy Resort. HP TRONIC moves its headquarters to the building. So far, the company had its offices in many locations in the heart of Zlín. "Our employees move here during January," said CEO, Daniel Vecher, CEO of HP TRONIC.

Previously, HP TRONIC has advised that it will also take advantage of the top floor of the Department Store and build a spa hotel with an experienced restaurant in the spirit of the Valacha Resort spa hotel. "During the year 2019, we will begin preparations for the construction of a top floor health and restaurant center with a panoramic view of Zlín. After that, the accommodation will be added," added Daniel Večeř.

The Zlin department store also prepares various events such as this Christmas, where visitors will offer a Christmas program.

The transformation was also held in front of the Zlín Business House, where the Zlin Civic had rebuilt and expanded the parking and a new favorable rate – the first hour of parking is now free of charge.

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Interesting facts about the history of the Zlin Department StoreUntil recently, it was reported in the literature that the department store was opened to visitors in 1932. During the rebuilding, however, the historians came to find documents according to the opening of the department store at the end of 1931 (Baťa had an interest obvious in shopping before Christmas …)

Another interesting fact is the fact that the first steps in the Czech Republic are at Zlin Business House. Recently discovered materials were placed during the period of new periods and newspaper articles in 1934. Until recently, the rally stairs were mentioned at the Swan House House White Building in Pragg in 1939.

Owner and Investor: PRIOR Zlín, p.r.
Chief architect: architect Jaroslav Sevcik
General Contractor: STRABAG a.s.
Cost of rebuilding & building: about CZK 450 million excluding VAT

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