Tuesday , August 16 2022

Babiš: The numbers are not good, we want to extend the state of emergency by a month


Babiš has no idea whether the government will ask the Chamber of Deputies for the last time to extend the state of the crisis, or whether it will appear before the deputies at the beginning of next year as well. “Unfortunately, the virus is here and the numbers from yesterday didn’t inspire me at all. We still have high numbers,” said the Prime Minister at Breakfast with Nova.

“The only answer is a vaccine. So we will ask for an extension for 30 days,” he continued. If the lower house agreed, it would last until January 11, 2021.

Already on Thursday, the Czech Republic will move from the fourth to the third phase of the PES system, pubs, restaurants and all stores will open. “The basis is that the curfew is lifted, every store opens regardless of variety. But the rule is that there will be one customer for every 15 square meters. There will be four people at one table in the restaurants,” Babiš described .

According to the First Minister, the areas where the current strict regime will be relaxed are “terribly wrong”. If people do not have to use it immediately, Babiš would appreciate it.

“It would be nice to be careful. I’m a little nervous about this development. So far we’re staying at number 57 in the PES system, it hasn’t changed since November 15. Unfortunately, we have the number most people in 10 years have died. Let’s be careful. “If anything else changes before Christmas. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and be really disciplined, ”the prime minister continued.

Babiš reiterated that vaccination against covid-19 will be free and voluntary. On Tuesday, he called on Health Minister Jan Blatný (for YES) to send the draft vaccination plan to all parliamentary parties. According to the First Minister, it will be clear on 15 December whether the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will approve vaccines from companies that have already requested it.

The prime minister does not yet know if he will be vaccinated himself. “I haven’t had a spleen, the main immune organ for 51 years. So the doctor has to tell me not to get any results. But if possible, I’ll be vaccinated,” he explained.

Compared to previous years, Babiš does not prepare in any particular way to celebrate Christmas. “I always deal with it the same way, I only buy one gift for my woman. I have her friends who will always advise me and I will pay the invoice somehow, because “I don’t have time to go to the shop, so I arranged it. And of course my wife buys it for the whole big family,” he described.

“I definitely don’t go to the store. I don’t have a choice yet, I have some suggestions. I usually went to the store on Dec. 24 at 11 before the shops closed, I never had time But this year it will be different, “the prime minister concluded.

The entire interview with Prime Minister Babiš at Breakfast with Nova:

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