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Babiš: The government wants CEZ to build a new block from Dukovany


Update: 22.11.2018 18:00

Valeč (Třebíčsko) – The construction of a new block of Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant should be secured by a daughter of a Chinese company, acting in power, according to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO ). The state is willing to support the investment by guaranteeing the second in the list, says Babiš. CEZ has warned that it opposes minority shareholders. According to some of them, the procedure offered by Babis is illegal. CEZ shares on the Prague Stock Exchange responded with a significant decline in its first year, but it was almost disposed of in the trading session.

CEZ, Daniel Beneš, CEZ said that the preparations for the construction of the new nuclear block continue. "I say we are all committed to government, state, and CEZ organizations," he said. The maximum expenditure can be expected after completing the preparatory work, ie after 2027, he added. He thinks he would be better if Czech energy was still the state. "I believe that CEZ should consider whether it would not sell a part of a minority share company, but that debate goes on and does not have a collection," he said.

"We are convinced that the investment is efficient and rewarding," said Baby in a seminar today on the Dukovany powerworks in Valca, Třebíč. He said that it was not true that the government was only considering extending the life of existing Dukovan blocks. "We want to analyze every possibility, but we have made it clear that the government wants CEZ to build a new block in Dukovany," said the prime minister.

According to Baby, the subsidiary should take care of the construction of a block, CEZ should give Dukovan assets, possibly also Temelin. ČEZ would be the guarantor of the investment, the state would be a second part. It was also important to note technology to build a block in time and budget. He said this with reference to the extension block construction in Finland and Slovakia.

According to the economist and adviser of the J & T investment group, Michal Šnobr, who is part of the minority shareholders of ČEZ, is the construction of a new block in Dukovany offered by Babies to ban in the Czech Republic and outside of # 39 ; r approved approved model for the construction of nuclear power plants in the EU. The main problem is that CEZ's board of directors would have been in criminal liability and property, he noted. Edvard Sequens of the Calla environmental organization questiones the economic efficiency and return on the construction of new atomic reactors in Dukovany by Edvard Sequens.

The Minister for Industry and Commerce Marta Nováková (for ANO) said in August that the financial model for the construction of a new domestic nuclear block should be determined by the end of this year. By the end of October, Babiš spoke about the possible extension to Dukovan's life for ten years. Today's statement was "a clear air blow," said Ales John, chairman of the Civic Safety Commission working in Dukovany's power plants, who was holding the seminar today. Babiš in response to the report on extending the operation of the power station for 60 years and postponing construction has been called nonsense. The shrine in the broad vicinity of the power plants and the Vysočina Region supports the completion of the Dukovan.

"Do not push to tell you it will be 31.12. We want to decide and decide when we have enough backgrounds," said Vacha Novakova. He said the government wants to meet the state's energy policy, calling it another backup to extend the life of the Dukovany blocks. Also, CEZ should look after the construction of the new block, which should mainly provide funding. "CEZ has been in high profits for several years and paid dividends," he said.

"Minority shareholders have already shown clearly they are inability to build nuclear power plants," said ČEZ spokesman Ladislav Kříž. He said it was a long-term strategic investment, but in the short term, profitability is suspicious. Possible litigation could stop construction for decades. The prime minister admitted that CEZ minority shareholders had a different interest. It's mostly for ČEZ to protect its business plan, he added.

CEZ is the largest Czech energy company. The largest shareholder is a state that accounts for 70 per cent of shares through the Treasury. Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, with a total output of 2040 megawatts, covers one fifth of electricity in the Czech Republic. His first block has been in operation since 1985.







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