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Babie's nuclear block shape is not implemented, the hard economist of Companies and Markets

PRAGUE Jadern Elektr Dukovany's new block building form, named by Andrei Babi (YES) in Vali in the yard, is not valid, the economist and investment adviser J & T Michal nobr, a minority shareholder of EZ and minority shareholders society.

Babive claimed that the construction of the new Dukovan block should be secured by a company that belongs to EZ, who is operating electricity. Stt is willing to support the investment that will guarantee it as a kind of brilliant, and it will be added.

These procedures are referred to this point in an unreliable and unreliable way. Although it is completely outside the framework of the Czech Republic and outside the approved guaranteed model for the construction of nuclear power in the European Union, And that is the answer, he added. The problem is, in such a case, that the EZ board would take on criminal responsibility and property liabilities.

If it decides to sign a nuclear project anyway, the shares will not change anything. Of course, the results to the board of directors, will undoubtedly be. Any action to assess whether the project was profitable or not and whether the shares were damaged or not, he said. That is why they are not minorities, he added.

The largest shareholder of the EZ is the state that, under the Ministry of Finance, comprises a share of 70 percent. The remainder are minority shareholders. About 20 per cent of the first person, ten percent of the physical person. EZ CEO Daniel Bene said in a statement that it would be harder if the energy giant had stood a percentage percent. I believe that it would be good idea if it would not have stopped the minority actions. But the chat has gone out of place, and he did not worry, he added.

The minority actions of the EZ have been in the past for all. Of course, minority are literally a source. That's not really !, He responded to Twitter. TK said he had a few legal powers to build the building. One of them is that it is also accepted by the same guarantor model, which is applied to Hinkley Point nuclear power plants in Great Britain for EDF, which, accordingly, wishes to obtain a copy of EZ.

November 22, 2018 at 11:36 pm, pspvek archivovn: November 22, 2018 at 16:28

Minoritn akcione @CZZ Group they have all been in the past. Of course, minority are literally a source. Not really! What's Out @Hospodarky but the rest of the newspapers ask the minority of this way to describe their arguments?

The Contract for Difference (CfD) known as allowing the construction of a nuclear power using guaranteed electricity prices. We all know then that prices that are totally unacceptable to the user and taxpayer in public and that the nuclear projects will now become a completely unrealistic pension, added.

The second memorial, according to the company, was the 100% owned company. In this context, we did not ban the money that could be paid by the state and paid for it. For the majority, the majority shareholder would have to collect 90 per cent of the company, then convening a general meeting and decide on the issue of minority divisions.

EZ is the largest energy company. Dukovany nuclear power with a total power of 2040 megawatts for drinking electricity in the Czech Republic. His first block has been in operation since 1985.

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