Friday , December 4 2020

Avast Mobile Browser offers full cross-platform encryption and synchronization. New iOS –

Avast Secure Browser (free for Android, iOS, PC and Mac) provides more secure and fast web browsing across operating systems. With the addition of new iOS support, users can synchronize browsing history and bookmarks between computers and smartphones through their Avast account.

Synchronization uses end-to-end encryption, so all communications from third parties are secured (support for macOS is expected at the end of the month). At its core is the security of the AES-256 standard with the latest TLS / SSL cryptographic protocols. Other safety accessories include:

  • A fast VPN that encrypts all data during transmission and at rest
  • Encrypted media storage
  • Counter-tracking technologies that prevent websites, advertisers, and other web services from tracking a user’s online activities
  • Adblock built-in
  • Configurable browsing modes such as Security Mode, Security and Privacy Mode, and Custom Mode

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