Tuesday , August 16 2022

An academic alongside an offender. Science and science fiction fans marched in Prague


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Scientists led to the Academy of Sciences, film fans to Holešovice. "It was quite nice, because science fiction is the theme of our parade, there are science fiction fans and we are science fiction scientists," said organizer Claire Klingenberg.

A similar March is held for Science in many countries and tens of thousands are involved. The third year in Prague was organized by Skeptics Czech Club Sysifos.

He set several dozen Star Wars fans with a parade with flags of Wenceslas Square to Cross Club in Holešovice, where a daily program was prepared. Among them were people in costumes such as Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Stormtroopers or Jedi Knights. A similar parade was held in Prague in 2015.

Previously it was a science fiction

Texts of the subsequent lectures in the Academy of Sciences, where went a procession of scientists and supporters of science, were teleportation, space travel, aliens, genomes editing.

"These are sci-fi themes or we felt like a sci-fi of the front, but we need to deal with them today," Klingenberg said.

"The procession tries to show how broad scientific knowledge is and what science does for us," he said. Participants of the parade had flags with the words "Would not have science" and pictures of space rocket, music and beer or "Without Science Only Fiction". The inscriptions "Science not silence" draw attention to the little attention given to science in public places.

The theme of the afternoon in the lectures was climate change. According to Klingenberge, these are one of the scientific subjects that have often been politicized. "Climate change is being introduced as something that requires political opinion, not our fact," he added.

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