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All Lost: Three in second second of the first round


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As the first moments in Prague grew by a point, they had to score a balance. Heydov was not only the author of the last jump, she even gave you the tricks, and with 21 points she was the best foot.

It's turned out to be positive. Nobody has ever been weird before the game, it's by the world's fourth dark world championship, we'll play the sun and it will end first in groups. We do not even think about the start of the qualification, we will be in the group with the strong Belgian country. But we took two shortcomings, says Heydov.

Initially, they had specific actions, so they played mainly on the first place in the groups. But bronze medalists from the European Championships and World Championships quarters needed to win to ensure their progress, regardless of the results.

A waterproof patch, which made good protective protection and after 12 minutes 12: 4. Then the flow was jammed, and only ten points were given in the next ten minutes. On the other hand, Emma Meessemanov was on the side of Belgium, giving 17 points out of 19 points and 25 to 25 th.

We started a long time, but they quickly captured the house and started playing the game. But we were out of the quarter, what's a good card against so heavy a darkness, titaner said Svitek's tent.

asthma EuroBasket

Review of European basketball championships in 2019 in Serbia and Latvia

Serbia, Latvia, ski, Slovenia, Russia, Turkey, Panama, Ern Hora, Bloruska, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Maarland, Ukraine, Lithuania

In the game, Hejdov battalion increased, holding the best eskm hrkm in the back and the qualification. He gave you something after her, and raised the eskma with her self-confidence.

The forces took on the defense and started a stag trip.

In the fourth quarter, Julius Reisinger's young pivot, who stopped Meessemann and visible in the flow. And for a minute before the end, he managed to sink in just two points – 50:52.

Belgian Esk

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They did not allow Belgian turnover. Although they only gave two points in nine minutes, they left the lead in a snowy seconds, and scrambled for a two-digit split. U tunned for the horse.

They did not give them the best and managed to dream the points where the Hejdov gave the three of them the last minute. Here, in the second half, the dog dogs injured from the dog's corner are the hugs of the rifle.

It was close to the three, but they got up and I did not hit it at all. Then I just tell you, I've thrown it. And it fell. I have not thrown it to the ko and it will go from space, but she did, Hejdov liked.

In the flow we had the rhythm in the first lap, we had koe lacin, but we did not give it up by 18 points and we did the play. Since we've been presenting very well, it's not helpful. Mrz ns tsn loses, but we're hitting the first place in the groups, added Svitek.

EuroBasket Qualification in 2019

Group G

Belgium – Esk 66:62 (12:14, 33:21, 50:41)
The highest point:
Meessemanov 19, K. Mestdaghov 14, Linskensov 9 – Hejdov 21, Hanukov and Vaughnov after 10. Failures: 12:14. Penalty Fees: 9/7 – 11/10 Trawog: 7: 8 Drops: 42:31

Germany – Germany 78:52

Konen table

Tm Z V P S B
1. ski 6 5 1 436: 325 11
2. Belgium 6 5 1 477: 348 11
3. Germany 6 2 4 375: 457 8
4. a Czech republic 6 0 6 309: 467 6

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