Friday , May 27 2022

A sudden decline of the Pomegranate state: It must be closed! I'm afraid she's too late, says her father


Pavel Pásek keeps Jiří Pomej over the water throughout his life and is ready to iron all his troubles. And he was not shouting at this time, when the actor is no longer thinking. He had gone beyond the limits of his mind. And now Jirka's father, Pomej elders, has already stepped in (76).

"I've been a strong man in my life, but now I'm eager to really believe my son, "Blesku Jiří Pomeje st. Said, Who came from České Budějovice, where he lives, to Prague to help his Jirka."It's twelve minutes in twelve, if it's not twelve, "Said Father Pomeje, who had phoned yesterday and night phones with Phavel Pásk and running hospitals to arrange for Jirka to stay in some suitable healthcare facility.

The band now decides whether to be placed in a hospital or a psychiatric hospital. "It's complicated. If we put it to Red Court, it will not improve the legs that hurt it – and no-one knows what she is with. When we give him an orthopedic back to where he will put his leg together, he will not survive mentally, he will have an abscissa, "Explained Pásek. But with Jirk's father, they are determined to be healed, even if they were dragged by force in a gun jacket.

"That's not really the case. He's already crazy. He does not know where he is, what was yesterday. And it's more day-to-day. He does not talk to him. I'm afraid I'm already in a state where I can call my best friend to call and send to Bohnice, "Pasek added desperate, and Pomejem has saved his life several times.

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