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WWE RAW lives May 20. Scope and Outcomes


WWE RAW lives May 20. Scope and Outcomes

RAW live comment

RAW lives | Tonight WWE presents RAW Monday night live. After the head of the mule PPV Cash at The Bank 2019 WWE red brand stars He will seek clarification on the controversial final. The RAW fighters are angry at Brock Lesnar's victory. Don't miss RAW's best live coverage!

Next we will show you a video of WWE's official YouTube channel from the most interesting live show of this WWE RAW night.

Start the show!

Mr Money in the Bank Brock Lesnar makes his entrance with Paul Heyman showing images of how the brief bag won.

Boos explodes in unison as Paul Heyman introduces himself and then presents Brock Lesnar as "the big animal in the Bank." Lesnar faces the brief bag bag and Heyman says we are RAW alive and that there are many paranoiases of Brock Lesnar's plot that were designed when they saw Sami Zayn's status and how H Triple banned Braun's fighting. Strowman. Paul Heyman says that people think that's why they put Lesnar in the battle. Heyman laughs and says that it is no coincidence that Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman came up with that, since Brock Lesnar was the eighth fighter. Heyman says to stop thinking about conspiracy and now he is listening to him, Heyman says that Seth Rollins or Kofi Kingston are in danger since Lesnar got the briefing bag and when they expect it, he will swap it. . Heyman says he will not warn whether he will be in a live show, RAW show or Smackdown Live or PPV. Heyman says Rollins can have the whole WWE universe in his party but he has Brock Lesnar against and that's worse. Seth Rollins, General Advocate, is making her entrance! Rollins and Lesnar are face to face and Rollins take a microphone. Rollins says he has had one of his best games since he came to WWE against AJ Styles and his win. Rollins says that he is not here to be cowardly as he is here as a General Champion and Lesnar didn't get the strength to do it. Seth tells Lesnar about money in the Money in the Bank money bag at the moment! Both face face to face and Heyman tells Lesnar not to give Rollins authority. Heyman tells him that Rollins wants to anticipate that that won't happen because Brock doesn't want to pay cash again. Heyman tells Rollins that he must open the Wrestlemania show so that his girlfriend is at the event. Rollins and Lesnar face each other again and the two are separated. Heyman tells him that he is still wrong because Lesnar has no interest in the Universal Championship and is interested in the WWE Kofi Kingston Championship. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston makes his entrance! Kofi welcomes and says if they were talking that he was here and that Lesnar was not afraid because he wanted to be remembered as one of the best WWE Champions ever. Kofi tells him, if he wants to swap the brief tonight tonight, let him do it against him. Heyman says the two world champions want to have a star fight against the best wrestler who has been and is in WWE, Mr. Heyman. Money at the Bank, Brock Lesnar. Heyman says, by order of the McMahons, they are not going to fight or Lesnar either, they must be vigilant as some of them will be attacked by the beast. Brock Lesnar is retiring with Paul Heyman.

We see a limousine arriving at the venue for a RAW live show. Where Mick Foley ends with the new championship he will introduce! Foley greet a number of fighters.

Sami Zayn talks to Lashley and explains what happened yesterday and asked for help against Braun Strowman for what happened yesterday and what more, they will now face it all. Lashley tells him he's sorry but doesn't want to get into trouble.

Sami Zayn makes her entrance while she argues with the public along the way. His competitor, Braun Strowman.

Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston walk back and Triple H tells them not to leave, tonight they will be fighting Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin.

I can't start the fight against Sami against Braun and Sami going by the public until the bakery stall. Braun follows him and arrives at the backstage area where Braun meets Lashley and Sami hit Braun, but he throws it into a container. Lashley faces again with Lashley but Braun goes with Sami and throws everything he holds onto the main ramp where Braun leads Sami to the circle and Sami throws Braun against The corner poster is two times until Braun threw it against the barricade and threw it into the circle.

The battle starts and Braun is launching Sami in the corner but Braun is investing her to throw her down to the throw out of the circle. Braun runs and beat Sami down violently to throw him into the ring and applies the powers of a crack and then the account that reaches 3. Braun Strowman beat Sami Zayn.

Tonight in the segment "A Moment with Bliss" will Becky Lynch with us. Lars Sullivan will also be interviewed for the first time since his arrival.

Charly Caruso introduces Lars Sullivan making her entrance. Charly thanks Lars for being here and showing a video of the chaos she has sown since he arrived. The video ends and Charly tells him, after all this destruction, what is his goal? But Lucha House Party appears! The three extinguishers surround the circle and launch themselves with a dropkick of the ropes. Lars strikes Metalik and Dorado but Kalisto launches again and the three wrestler hit him with dropkick so that Lars falls out of the circle. Kalisto is thrown out of the ring on Lars but he catches it and throws it against the apron of the circle. Metalik and Dorado go to Lars but this puts Dorado into the ring and throws Metalik against the barricade. Lars returns to the ring and gives Dorado the freak crash in search of a power bomb but Kalisto and Metalik save his partner.

A review of the WWE Championship match between AJ Styles against Seth Rollins in Money at the Bank where Seth Rollins held the championship.

Next, Cesaro will face Ricochet.

Ricochet makes his entrance. His competitor, Cesaro, made his bid with a new theme song.

The battle begins and Cesaro throws Ricochet against the corner corner to throw him on the ropes and throw him into the air and then throw him out with forces t from the circle to hit it against the apron of the circle. After ads, Cesaro uses a clock to Ricochet to release and try to use a suplex that Ricochet invests and uses a hurricane to throw Cesaro out of the ring and throw himself on over the third string. Back in the circle, Ricochet arrives at the corner and throws himself at Cesaro, but he's invested with a brainpower followed by a knee to Ricochet on the back and neutralist to win the bout. Cesaro defeated Ricochet.

AJ Styles is interviewed. Charly Caruso asks him after his match yesterday, where he is now. AJ says that he cannot pretend, that a big man like Seth has won him clean in the circle and cannot say anything else. Baron Corbin appears and hides AJ to defeat him yesterday. Corbin says tonight will not only beat Seth who couldn't beat him yesterday, but WWE Champion Kofi Kingston will feel like a slap in the face. AJ says he will feel slap and hit Corbin. The two are looking at each other and finally Corbin is retiring.

Roman reigns makes its entrance! There are reigns in the circle and it's going to say a word Shane McMahon makes her entrance! Shane tells Reigns that he is again returning to RAW but he proved that he was the best in the world when The Miz defeated in a cruel steel cage. Shane says he has finally finished his focus point with Miz and now has Reigns. Shane says he has never forgotten when his father arrived. Shane tells Reigns that he is disgusting. Reigns say he has done the same thing as Elias. Shane says that that is not entirely true. Reigns say if there is something in the pipeline that they can finish tonight because they want to face Shane. Shane says they want to vote for him on WWE Universe, if they want to see Shane McMahon, the best in the world, against Reigns of the Romans at the moment. Talk about "YES! Shane is preparing to fight but finally he's not fighting. Shane says he doesn't have Elias as a partner, if not someone better, and he's going to introduce him!" to great knowledge. Drew McIntyre makes his entrance! Shane says they will not fight tonight and Drew is their new partner from now on, but they will fight in Super Showown, Saudi Arabia, and when the battle is over, they hear that they have only been defeated in the world. He reigns to him that he can have a new partner that is not Elias, not worried, at the end of the battle, he will be the winner. Shane and Drew are leaving under Reigns.

The Materials make their access.

Shane walks with Drew for backstage and asks him about his fight against Roman Archbishops in Arabia from Saudi Arabia but Miz appears! Drew tells him that, if he has a problem with Shane, he has him with him. Miz tells Drew that he won't stop him going to Shane, and when he does, he will chase him. Finally, Miz leaves.

They show the promotion of the Reformation and Use competition in recent weeks.

The Reformation makes its entrance to face The Usos.

A fight begins and the Revival throws both Uses out of the circle. A dash hits Jimmy with everything in the corner and Scott comes in to apply a combined movement and the account is left in 2. Scott's lock is followed by a brother to give him a gift; The baton to Dash again and Jimmy gives to the exchange to Jay outside of the circle. after advertisements, Scott strikes everything with Jimmy but he's investing with dropkick and Dash and Jay at the same time so that Jay can hit him repeatedly and apply a samoan fall to Scott and Dash to hit Scott in the corner and applying a dash to Dash has been followed by a splash and the account that stays in 2. Dash throws Jay into the corner and strikes him to climb & # 39 t The third rope where Jay strikes with everything and Scott gets relief to apply power with elbow drop with Dash and the count is 2. Scott hits cuts with Jay in the middle of the circle until I & # 39 The two hit each other time and time again and Jimmy gives relief that Scott doesn't see him using a double collapse for Scott followed by the account being left in 2. A Dash he throws himself on Jay out of the ring and applies a DDT tornado with the help of the barricade and Jimmy looks for a rollup that continues at 2. Jimmy is using a superkick and then the account that's on s in 2 under "this is amazing! With this Dash dis bring Jimmy and Scott to use pans that catch Jimmy so that the account reaches 3. The Reformation defeated The Usos.

Alexa Bliss prepares in the composition room. Nikki Cross appears and Alexa tells him that there is a problem, he has lost and so he did not win. Nikki tries to give Alexa explanations and the Revival is celebrating their recent win to what we stain with sweat and is going mad.

Next, a new part of Firefly Fun House.

The segment starts with a song with children who have distorted it and the kids appear with their foreheads with their paintings with «let them». Bray Wyatt appears again with his mask being shown last week and saying "let me in".

The segment "A moment with Bliss" begins. Alexa Bliss comes in with Nikki Cross. An officer comes to Alexa Bliss and she tells him she doesn't want it and the officer leaves. Alexa Bliss presents Becky Lynch, RAW Women's Champion. Nikki is waiting next to Alexa and sending it away while Alexa welcomes Becky. Alexa says that she knows that Becky is sad because she no longer has two belt … t Women's Tag Team Champions The IIconics appear! Peyton and Billie make fun of Becky and tell her that she is now Becky one belt. Becky sends them to silence and says that Money in the Bank has done more than they have ever done and whether they want to play their belts in Becky Trhee Belts. Lacey Evans appears! Lacey says that it is typical of men to give credit to who does not deserve it, and that Becky does not have two belt thanks to her. Becky says that the truth is that a woman who introduced and surrendered the night of the front, and now she's got the RAW title will be tired of slapping here. Becky wants to challenge The IIconics and Lacey Evans and they tell her she is alone. Nikki is standing next to Becky and she tells Alexa about lifting her ass off the chair and preparing to fight.

Becky Lynch, RAW Women's Champions, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. His competitors, Tag Team Champions & The IIconics and Lacey Evans.

Alexa is waiting to drink coffee outside the circle while Becky strikes everything with Peyton and gives to the relay to Nikki hit everything with Peyton and throw from the corner to go up to the third string and find the account in it. Battle and boards use Nikki's joint moves and go into Evans who strikes everything with Nikki and Peyton is going to look for the account that stays in 2. Canying o Peyton's Nikki are trying to invest but and Evans can't go down Nikki and fake before Becky. Evans closes for Nikki and strikes him into the corner where Peyton comes in and strikes him with a right hand to hit her in the corner, but Billie and Becky come into what Becky is. see him with Billie while Lacey Evans leaves her co-players and Becky hits with everyone to Billie to launch with a missile in order to act immediately to hit Peyon and to return to throw the corner on Bill to win the battle. Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross beat The IIconics and Lacey Evans.

Next, Mick Foley will introduce the new WWE Championship.

Mick Foley makes his entrance. Foley says RAW has to be RAW again and is here to bring a championship so that RAW can be RAW again. Foley says that he has always been obsessed with his career to win a championship, seven days a week and Foley presents … tPENSIONS 24/7! Mick Foley says the championship can be defended wherever and whatever. Foley says that no matter where you are, the account can be anywhere. Foley says, as long as an adjudicator, everything is possible. Foley leaves the championship on the ground. Foley says that the first promoter will be crowned 24/7 and every week in this last hour when more danger can occur. Foley says that any RAW fighter, Smackdown Live, NXT, NXT UK or any legend can fight for this championship! Foley is leaving and the championship is already up and running.

The bell rings and all RAW rosters appear. EC3 is close to taking it but they put it aside and no one can take it. A brawl is formed outside the circle but Mojo goes into what Cedric throws out of the circle and looks at Eric Young. Anderson and Gallows take him out of the ring and both grasp it and he doesn't let what EC3 is pushing from them and they all comes out of the circle. Drake Maverik comes out of the circle and Titus throws it over all the fighters To take the championship! Titus Neil is the first 24/7 promoter!

Titus celebrates But Roode appears and uses a roll to win the championship! Robert Roode is the new 24/7 champion. Roode runs and all the fighters are chasing him.

Next, Miz faces Drew McIntyre.

Robert Roode runs for the back platform and hides behind panels while a number of reasoners follow him and don't see him. Finally, we are fleeing with the championship 24/7.

The Miz makes his entrance. Drew McIntyre's walk with Shane McMahon.

Start the battle with a battle until Drew shoots him down and uses a suplex to Mix. Drew takes the battle to the apron where Miz is looking for a powder but eventually beats Drew to the top, beating Miz down and throwing him against the apron; w throw to the audience and apply suplex from there. After advertisements, a skiing in the ski and Miz applied a power bomb to Drew and then several kicks in the corner. Drew throws himself at Miz in the corner and reverses what Miz throws in Drew and throws himself out of the corner on Drew to find & # The account continues at 2. Miz starts Drew again with what Drew is investing and applying Curiosity to Miz's followed by the account's account. continue in 2. Drew throws Miz into the corner and throws himself at Miz's investment and strikes Drew on the corner with Drew back and Miz is looking for the four figure but Drew is investing and Shane strikes it without being seen by the referee that Drew uses to damage, and then the account remains at 2. Now Miz applies figure four To Drew and he managed to get to the ropes to what Miz is throwing out of the circle and Miz throws himself at Drew. Miz looks at Shane and is fleeing through the audience Miz throws against the barricade and Shane strikes Miz against the side of the circle without the referee seeing him in his Throw into the circle and Drew applies the claymore to win the battle. Drew McIntyre defeated The Miz.

After the battle, Shane takes the bus and tells him that he would stop him and he did, and he has a goodbye too. Shane wants to put the coast on the coast But it seems Roman Reigns! Shane is leaving and Reigns is acting a punch superman to Drew who flees with Shane to what Reigns helps Miz.

Charly Caruso speaks backstage for the new championship and presents world champions, Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston. Charly asks what Lesnar said at the start of the show. Kofi says that Lesnar is not afraid and wants to be a great champion and Rollins says he has already defeated Lesnar in Wrestlemania. The two comments on their battle tonight and Charly ask who will be chosen by Lesnar. Kofi says he's a great WWE Champion and that's what everyone wants to see and Rollins stops being very happy with the words.

There are images of the struggle for the US Silver Championship at the Bank where Rey won Mysterio the US Championship but Samoa Joe did not have a shoulder on the canvas.

Samoa Joe makes a promotion to record and says his shoulders were not on the canvas and never beaten. Joe says he sees the championship in the country of Rey Mysterio and will accept him because he is an honorable man and an excellent father and husband. Joe says that he knows Rey and that he will give him the chance to do the right thing to get back to the championship and not to force him to do something he doesn't want.

That will be published next week we will have a match for the US Championship between Rey Mysterio against Samoa Joe.

Robert Roode continues to run behind the stage and arrives at the car park where R-Truth is and asks him for help. This puts it in the back of his car and confuses all fighters. When leaving the car trunk, Roode thanks R-Truth, but a referee walks there and uses a rollup to win and so win the championship. R-Truth is the new 24/7 Champion. R-Truth rarely celebrates and enters the car to get off the sand.

The next main event. Kofi Kingston, WWE Champion, is making his entrance. The Grand Seth Rollins Champion. His competitors, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin. The battle will be without disqualification.

During Rollins' entry, Corbin attacks him from the back and Kofi goes for his help but Lashley appears and throws him against the led panels.

Fighting begins and Corbin throws light on Seth to make the account that stays in 2 after Kofi saves. Corbin continues to hit Seth with everything but Kofi and Lashley go to Kofi using dropkick to Lashley which Corbin draws attention to and Lashley throws himself in Kofi in the corner but this reverses by throwing his From the corner you are looking for Corbin saves. Put Corbin and Lahsley throwing Kofi out of the circle between the two throwing Kofi against the barricade and then throwing Seth. After adverts, Seth launches with a diving juice on Corbin and this prevents him from throwing him on a number of chairs and leaving him to cover them. In the circle, Lashley strikes Kofi with the help of Corbin and both use a number of joint movements for Kofi and then the account that Corbin left in 2. Lashley reaches the corner with Corbin. and Lashley and looking for disorder but Seth comes in with a chair and they hit both until Corbin throws him on the apron but Seth throws himself with a knee on Corbin and give superkick to Lashley and then to Corbin. Lashley pulls Seth out of the ring and throws it into the barricade and Kofi throws Lashley and Corbin out of the ring so that Seth throws a dive suicide on both t Kofi throws himself from the corner on both. In the circle, Kofi applies the trouble in Corbin's paradise to win the battle. Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston beat Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin.

With no time for anything, Lashley uses Kofi's spears and then Seth. Lashley wants to hit him with a chair but Seth rarely uses a supermarket … THE LESNAR BROCK MAKES YOUR ACCESS! Seth and Kofi watch from the circle while Lesnar looks at both of them. Lesnar moves into the circle but eventually retires with Paul Heyman.

The show ends with Lesnar showing Money in the Bank and Kofi and Seth put their titles in the circle.

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