Sunday , January 23 2022

Why Instagram delete your favorite


Y Instagram Platform that announced act with more hardship against magnifying numbers o followers a false comments, so delete all the "I like it"and comments from followers produced no automated applications.

This is because the last few months it became very popular apps what It can simulate one more intensive activity in the profiles that the one that actually exists. Discovery instagram these Profiles with more followers or real ones by software o artificial intelligence

"Recently, we have found that some accounts use third party applications to increase their audience artificially," said the company in an announcement on their official blog. "Every day, people come to Instagram for real experiences, including real interaction. It is our responsibility to ensure that these experiences are not broken across non-valid activities.

For this reason, everyone who uses these methods to get a job within the stage will receive a warning in the first instance notifying them that their "artificial" activity on Instagram has been deleted .

In addition, they are asked change horses passwords if they were shared with these apps o third party, as a way to protect your accounts.

Through Instagram I am not talking about the applications that it's considered as a sign of a non-valid activity, it's enough to search quickly in Google to find sites that # 39; I promise to help people "increase their followers, like Boostagram o Instautomator

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