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What is known about the death of a 2 year old boy who was run over at Berchmans school


What is known about the death of a 2 year old boy who was run over at Berchmans school

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The unfortunate case was reported to Cali Fire Department at 3:40 pm in the afternoon, at the end of the school day at this famous school in the city; at that time parents come to the institution to collect students.

Cali Firefighters report, at 15:43 hours, a call for a traffic accident in the Carrera neighborhood 120 A 16 – 86 Pance, the site is referred to an extinguisher with 04 units and an ambulance with 02 paramedics

However, later the disaster would be confirmed, "we are sorry to inform that a two-year-old child in the crash at Pance has died. According to versions of the patrol car, he went t a boy out of the vehicle where he was transported, and the driver did not notice the way and to leave it without leaving vital signs.To unity and respect for the family today is mourning this disaster t , we will not give statements or more publications, "said the agency's relief report.

On the other hand, after Cali's Mobility Secretary's patrol went to the place, they officially gave an account of what happened with the two-year child and the first assumptions about what t which may have happened with the victim.

"Unfortunately this afternoon at the Berchmans school facilities there is a sinister way; probably through a slight fall; a small run by van van, the minor dies in the van. The city is mourning and backing all its family, Berchman's educational community, the truth is sinister and the theoretical cases still do not t said William Bermúdez, Cali Mobility Secretariat's Traffic Management Center Leader.

Also, after the unfortunate case, the officer remembered the safeguards for drivers moving alone with minors in the back of the car.

"We want the Ministry of Mobility to give special recommendations; Check in your vehicle the type of insurance for minors, child insurance. Recommend the use of seat belts and also remind them of the mandatory nature of the seat for children under 5, when the person driving the vehicle on his own with these minors, "Bermúdez said.

Finally, the school regretted what happened in a statement to the city.

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