Wednesday , November 25 2020

Under 20 World Cup Poland 2019 Colombia selection

YCOMBINING SUMMER!! Javier Fernández Franco, Goalkeeper, he returned to RCN Channel to chant the goals Choosing Colombia in the FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019.

This Thursday will report the first time against Poland (from 1:30 pm) of the front Senegal on Sunday 26th and Wednesday 29th May to face Tahiti when closing the Group A. You can enjoy all of the three games through the open signal RCN Channel and through Streaming in

The rapporteur spoke to RCN Sports about his beginnings, the family and a Colombian football scene at national and international level. An entertaining, close and human interview to one of the best known voices in world football.

Light when remembering your family. His father and his mother, who has now died, is his main inspirational stimuli, from the beginning where they helped him and his support in every decision. His brothers were peers and main characters in his childhood adventures.

Javier He talked about his career details, for the first time he used his voice as an assistant to the great. He was grateful and happy to remember names he gave him in his time. The minister Londoño Pasos was one of great teachers.

Y Choosing Colombia he is the highest standard of his profession and the most important reason for his endless passion for football. Your reason is to work, live, dream … The Singer remember the characters from James Rodríguez, Falcao # 39;The Tiger# 39; Garcia a Yerry Mina with the national team, who moved their bowels and praised their feelings.

Fernandez Franco He drew attention to the Colombian football DNA, highlighting the quality of previous generations and praising the potential of the new ones coming. Of course, we ask that the professional football structure of Colombia is strengthened and to emphasize in their organization, in order to find a balance between talent, work and discipline.

It also had time to choose it XI is ideal in the history of the Colombian National Team, including Jairo Arboleda, Asprilla Faustino, James Rodríguez a Pedro Antonio Zape. Some important names were omitted, but he explained the reasons for his decision in making the list.

His story in depth, with details of every important part of his life, highlighting the values ​​and effort he printed at every stage of his career to reach where he is today. It 's Javier Fernández Franco, y Singer of the Goal, that is return to RCN Channel

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