Wednesday , May 25 2022

Uber will have another competition in the world's most exciting city


Mexico City is about to become the scene of a racing race after traveling.

Didi Chuxing, the huge Beijing-based and Uber Technologies Inc. out of China, says he will face Uber in the largest metropolis in Latin America, starting next month. And now the start of Mercedes Benz's property of the Beat name says he will also compete and his launch scheduled for March.

"We want to be incredible," said the company's 55-year-old co-founder and chief executive Nikos Drandakis in a telephone interview. "We have what is needed to capture a significant part of the Mexico City market."

Drandakis is the signature of the most travel equipment shared in Athens and Lima, but has never competed with Uber or Didi in a market that was very important to them. Dinas Mexico is a reward because the popular intense metropolis of 21 million residents has inadequate public transportation system and many people who need complementary work, which is the number of people who are willing to work.

"This is a big market and it's a good market because transport is a big problem here," said Fernando Páez, a transport consultant for the World Resource Organization in Mexico City.

Drandakis and the three friends of the company in Athens started in 2011 as a taxi search application during a Greek debt crisis. Initially, they had to recruit drivers distributing leaflets on the street. But the business came off when the drivers saw that he really helped them get more passengers. Now around a third of the 3.1 million people in the city use the service, according to Drandakis.

In 2014, Drandakis expanded to Lima, where Beat started to offer its service to drivers other than taxi drivers and became the application number 1 of a private transport service, doubled trips each year and competing with Uber, which began almost in the city at the same time .

Last year, the company was bought by the owner of Mercedes Benz, Daimler AG, who paid around $ 45 million and left Drandakis in charge. Since then Beat has encompassed the size of 400 employees and expanded to Bogota and Santiago, where more than one million users enrolled in its first year.

He is now becoming a Mexican City, much more challenge as Uber has already built leadership there, and Didi also tries to get in. (Beat had tried to enter the city once in 2014, but the lack of money forced him to retire).

This money led to Daimler, Drandakis sent a team of five people to the city in June to find out how to adjust their market service. They move between the neighborhoods to become familiar with the location and travel with Uber drivers and talk to their users to see how they can compete. Drandakis refused to say what ended.

But he said he hoped to recruit thousands of drivers before his launch, and build a team of 40 to 50 people on the ground, including marketing representatives and price experts. The plan, explained, is to be a No. 1 company of shared trips in the city within three years. "We're less, but we're more fun and able to innovate faster than more global competitors," he said.

A few months after the launch of Mexico City, Drandakis intends to launch the service in Guadalajara, Monterrey and Medellín and Cali, in Colombia. By 2022, he wants to be in each of the main cities. in Latin America

"We have the resources and capital to do, and we have the information," he said.


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