Wednesday , December 8 2021

Tractomula causes a road accident to Mamonal in Cartagena


The tractometer carried in the Mamonal road in the industrial zone of Cartagena, had been loaded with steel tubes. The event left one dead and one had to injure.

Another terrible accident was recorded during a Saturday evening on the road to Mamonal leading to the Cartagena industrial sector, where less than a week's three have died due to traffic accidents.

The event occurred at 10:00 a.m. in a three-kilometer kilometer of this important road, at the height of Terpel gas pump, in the lane leading to Mamonal-Cartagena.

The authorities said that the driver of the license plate SSA098 of Clemencia, who died in the scene and who has not yet known, is the only deadly victim in the accident. Another person, who had not identified either, was seriously injured after being hit by a steel tube and fell on top of the place he was driving.

The police and members of the city fire department attended the case immediately.

According to the versions of some people who saw the incident, the tractor's driver had loaded steel to hit an energy pole, causing the vehicle to reverse. As a result, the tubes fell on the track causing a traffic jam and vehicular disorder in the sector, which had no electricity.

There are two already

A little less than a week ago in the same way, another accident was recorded between a tractor and motorcycle, which was fascinated by the heavy load vehicle. The deadly victims were designated by the authorities such as Manuel de Jesús Jiménez Ramírez, 38, motorcycle and nick taxi driver, Eliana Cari Ramírez, 19, Dianys.

A report circulated at the time by the Transit and Tansporte District Administration Department, Datt, reported that the tractor's driver had "stumbled" with the front of the driver of the motorcycle, which was distributed on its side by the same route and lost control , raising it by the back tires of the heavy cargo vehicle.

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