Saturday , January 22 2022

Tino Asprilla showed the jacuzzi! on her farm in Toluca where she dreamed of Sandra Múñoz


Former football player and sports commentator now opened, Faustino of the Tino & # 39; Asprilla for the first time of his farm, San Tino's & her.

He visited Carlos Vargas from the Network and there he not only traveled on the different parts of the house but also made it burn from the memories.

The presenter took the opportunity to present his new corner of love, and where he expired the exceptions that accompany him.

The walk started with the bathroom and where he saw the huge jacuzzi that he must share in his parties.

Vargas sat with him and one by one nominee of the women who have passed his life.

"Imagine doing a past in the present imagining Lady Noriega here, Tatiana de los Ríos, Sandra Muñoz," said the presenter and was surprised to hear the last actor's name.

"Sandra Muñoz fell into those," said Vargas and what "Tino" said "he has not done anything."

Then they went to the actor closet and where he came out the collection of necklaces during his stay in Parma as well as a number of items from the luxury brand, Versace.

Then they went to the place where Tino keeps her memories and there is a painting that stands out where the football player appears next to his mother and painted in 1993.

Also, the football player gave the presenter a walk to the presenter by the discotheque, the football field and the swimming pool.

As they visited each other, the favorite place is where your horses are.

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