Thursday , June 30 2022

Thursday fell with Jaguars and lost the chance to get seeded


The Barranquilla team won 1-0, but in four minutes, Montería's side was in turn for the 2-1 final. Comesaña team finished sixth in the stalls.

The shark team added its fourth penalty in the tournament.EFE

Everything was quiet. Aim by Iván Rivas after the passing of Fabián Sambueza, Junior win over Jaguars and three other points seeded in quarter quarter of the Liga Águila. However, in four minutes Jaguares turned around, first with the aim of Mauricio Cortés and then with a score Rafhael Lucas for the last 2-1 in favor of the Montería team, as a visitor, and the result left by the team Julio Comesaña in the sixth box and not in the fourth phase of everyone against each.

Indeed, the placement, who played at the Romelio Martínez stadium, was bitter and confident and when he had everything to increase the score, relax, he lost the ball and he had to see how he was The competitor, with more appetite or order, goes closer to a bit of a bow.

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In a few seconds, everything was poorly bad, line errors, including goalkeeper José Escobar, who was in an eager assault falling into a competitor so that the judge had superseded the greatest penalty. The cast-cast left the incredible Lucas collection, but in the reclamation could not include the second shot of Brazil, and sent to the back of the net. A spokesman for supporters who came to the other era of the Atlantic capital and kept quiet while thinking about what they saw.

That is to say, Jaguares honors this semester and beats the one who loves a lot to keep the title and away from the fall. On his behalf, the Junior, who played with another payroll after the 2-0 victory over Santa Fe in the first phase of the American Copa seminars, had lost a great opportunity to seed and in the playoffs he will start, whatever you competitive, in a local state.

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