Friday , May 27 2022

This week, Bogota starts EcoReciclaton & # 39; new hazardous waste


During the three days, going from EcoReciclaton, organized by the Environment Secretariat and the Bogotá Mayor, has collected more than 122 tonnes of hazardous waste and special treatment that produces companies , organizations, entities and organizations.

Each day counted with the participation of more than 280 public and private companies in Bogotá.

In addition, this figure is expected to exceed the next few days to be held on Tuesday, November 13, in five points in the city. In this link you can find the places where you can take the elements.

The 6 companies that are part of the Retorna Group (EcoComputo, Stacks with the Environment, Circuit, Green Green, Green Wheel and Recoenergy), will be among other programs that are receiving eat them, present on the day.

The collection, which will take place until Wednesday, November 14, will not have a cost. In return for the waste, the participating entities will receive a disposal certificate, which will be issued within a period of 60 to 90 business days after its final disposal.

The waste that days will be include computers and peripherals, lines, batteries and chronicles, lead acid batteries, home appliances, CD-DVDs, finished medication, the use of vegetable oil and domestic pesticides.

The strategy, operated by the Ministry of Environment, seeks to facilitate the supply of hazardous and special waste of its products in institutions, entities, organizations and public or private companies that have located in Bogotá.

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